I hate ie...seriously

it sucks having to design w/the failures of ie in mind.
there. sorry had to get it off my chest. Happy monday to all.

Well, yes, it’s a pain alright, but IE is also less forgiving of poor coding practices, so in a way, it can help you learn to be a better web designer, creating more bulletproof layouts. (Zen master say: “As excrement is useful for cultivating plants, so IE is useful for cultivating better designs.”)

Scratching my head over that one…

Those are indeed very good point and I would agree on striving to create bulletproof layouts…but still you get a tad frustrated every so often :slight_smile:
recon it could always be worse.

Dont hate it ... IE was the first of its kind :slight_smile: And we need a good challenge every now and then …

:slight_smile: I was in a early monday grumble mood.
am over it now(already have quite a few good challenges! Not volunteering for extras!)

No it wasn’t - back when IE6 was the most standard compliant browser in existence it was Netscape 4 that everyone was complaining about.

Well, how often have you heard—“My site looks fine in Firefox and Chrome, but is totally messed up in IE”? Yes, IE itself is a disaster, but often the layout is a disaster, too, and IE tends to show it up more reliably than the better browsers. I’m not praising, IE, by any means, but IE often forces you to write more intelligent and bulletproof page structures. (It’s just a tiny silver lining to a very dark cloud.)

My perception is that this kind of problem, far more often than not, was due to IE bugs.

Generally speaking, a well structured page should work just fine in IE. (It’s only when people try to do fancy stuff that problems arise.) Most often, around here, the problems people are having in IE are a result of really poor page structures and poor use of CSS.

My perception has been the opposite. Frequently, the author’s page is acting up because of improper code, esp. margins, or a legion of stray tags. “Modern” browsers have been taught to forgive a lot of errors so the coders have no reason to recognize or care about potential problems. IE still balks at more bad code than the others… not because of bugs (although bugs secured it’s name in infamy)… but because the code is flawed.

Bugs aside, I have generally found IE to be a good at revealing the presence of sloppy coding.

The skills and knowledge required to write web pages is being reduced so almost anyone can do it. There will always be a demand for those who can do it well, though.

I loved your muse, "Scratching my head over that one… ". One of the incongruities in life. :lol:

IE is indeed one area Microsoft should start focusing on right away. Agreed, it does sucks and i am really pissed off by the number of times it crashes!

When it comes to the “basics”, sure IE does force you to write a more compliant coding standard. But when it comes to “html and css” in whole, IE is garbage, and has been for quite some time. I find it to be a quite annoying irony that IE insists that you respect the code, while they in turn disrespect it by not supporting the latest standards that all others do.

It would be like everyone rushing off to Harvard because they heard Harvard had the best course on “Basic Addition” that the world had ever seen. There is no respect in that! lol

I personally hate IE. I haven’t used it for years. I never thought people would still care for it. It sucks. :frowning:

IE’s support of html5 is pitiful. From now on I offer IE users an opportunity to install Chrome Frame for IE, or make a very ****** and basic image slider or whatever if they’re on IE, but if you’re on any other browser, even mobile, you get a nice html5 animated image reel with rotations and cool fx.

Luckily for me the content I build at work runs on 1 machine which runs chrome and sedna for digital billboards so I don’t have to worry about potential users or IE.

hmmm. something new to me. what is that?

It’s a 1 click plugin for IE that uses google chrome “under the hood” in IE to use html5 features that IE doesn’t support. https://developers.google.com/chrome/chrome-frame/

There’s a free program for making html5 animations using keyframes and drag/drop/rotate/skew images/video, really slick, and outputs html5 which runs on mobiles, chrome, FF, and everything BUT IE. And it’s not that it doesn’t support IE, it’s that IE doesn’t support html5…I mean it works on mobile webkits but not IE. The program is called Sencha Touch and I use it at work. If users have IE, you can offer them the single click install for chrome frame which will then run html5 in IE…

They have - IE10 works the same as the other browsers. It is only old versions of IE that behave differently.

IE is really a pain in the ass, it is frustrating to see a developer design a beautiful site with html5 and css3, only to find out it is not supported by ie.

I every use IE as default web browser last 5 years ago.

Then I switch to chrome and Firefox
What I don’t like from early IE was it did not allow you to open web site in new tab.

As web site owner, I need to has IE ver.8 with ver. 10 to check my web.

But now I has to use it more, cause I install my web site’s Alexa tool bar and it seem less trouble than Chrome and Firefox

With Alexa tool bar my Chrome and firefox, tool bar will disturb website vision, but not in IE.

Anyway I accept with you that I don’t like IE, But we has to live with it. HA HA HA