The Perl Beginners' Site

I’d like to recommend the Perl Beginners’ Site which is a very useful resource we’ve set up for Perl beginners, and which unfortunately has not received enough recognition and acceptance. It aims to concentrate the web’s best resources for Perl beginners, and aims to be a useful first-stop for people new to Perl.

It contains many pages with tutorials, books, advocacy, links to wikis, links to the core documentation, how to get help (forums, mailing lists, IRC, etc.), as well as topical pages and “How to achieve that with Perl”.

The Perl Beginners’ Site’s content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution License which is a permissive free and open content licence that permits redistribution, reuse and relicensing.

It is my hope that the moderators of this forum will add it to their list of Perl resources, which otherwise seems good and comprehensive.

I hope you’ll enjoy