The Definitive Perl Resources!

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If you’ve ever wanted to get into Perl, then the SPF staff have put together a HUGE list of great resources to get going with!

Perl distributions
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
ActiveState Perl - ActivePerl for Linux, Solaris, and Windows
MacPerl - Mac OS port of Perl (Mac OS X already comes with Perl)

Perl documentation
Perldoc - Perl documentation
Perl FAQs

Perl modules
CPAN’s search feature for Perl modules
ActivePerl PPM Packages - get PPM packages for ActivePerl

Perl developer communities
O’Reilly’s Perl resource
Perl Monks
Perl Mongers

Articles at SitePoint
The Perl Tutorial: What’s Perl?
Beginning Perl
Programming Perl 101
Three new Perl books
Access your MySQL database with Perl
Which server-side language is good for you - CGI/Perl
Embedding Perl into Webpages
Attack of the Killer bugs!

Perl tutorials, articles
Devshed - Devshed’s Perl articles
Beginning Perl tutorials
WebKnowHow.Net tutorial
Advanced Perl Programming Tutorials
Perl articles for Linux Mag - by Randal Schwartz
Perl articles for Sysadmin Mag - by Randal Schwartz
Perl articles for WebTechniques - by Randal Schwartz

Perl scripts - the HotScripts of the Perl community

Perl books
Perl: A Beginner’s Guide by R. Allen Wyke and Donald Thomas - a very gentle introduction to the Perl language. Very simplistic explanations which lack sufficient depth for more advanced programmers. Recommended for people new to programming only.
Learning Perl
Programming Perl
Object Oriented Perl [i]by Damian Conway[/i]

Beyond vanilla Perl
Apache/Perl Integration Project - the mod_perl Apache module
mod_perl reference sheet
FastCGI -Run CGI scripts faster
Embperl - Embed Perl code in HTML
Mason - Perl-based web site development and delivery engine

Usenet groups
comp.lang.perl.announce - Perl-related announcements
comp.lang.perl.modules - discussions on Perl modules - discussions on Perl/Tk

Modeled after Skunk’s excellent PHP/MySQL resources thread – Brought to you by SitePoint community staff

I agree.

You might also want to add in David Cross’s Data Munging

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Added! Thanks.

That was the book that I used! It’s very good for newbie data mungers (as I was).

I always reccommend Ovid’s Perl tutorial for beginners looking to muddy the water with CGI:

which is something I picked up from Dan Puro, in case I’m not a trusted source :wink:

You should add the “HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide”

It is fantastic for quick references when you’re in the middle of big jobs and don’t have the time or the need for perldoc

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Nice Informative Post…


Yes!!I agree!!!

What the best way to coordinate a sql database with crawling, spider over the web using perl. In other words, useing crawling and spider logic to work with stored information on the database and maybe even update that database information. Almost like building a virtual think tank.

Does anyone know the contact of a good freelance Web developer? PhP, SQL, perl pref!

I can forward the project detail.

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

Wow thats a lot of stuff to look at. Maybe somebody could rank it as to where a newbie might start?

I found the O’Reilly “Learning Perl” book really accessible for newbies - really recommend it!

great list.

Thanks, there are so many things on here that i need.

This thread is obsolete - use at your own discretion. Please see Perl Resources