London Perl Workshop! Saturday 12 November 2011

Mark Keating has sent out Newsletter #2 for the upcoming London Perl Workshop:

(If you are receiving this and you use a language different to Perl, or
are new to programming, fear not and please read on :slight_smile: )

Hi All,

In this newsletter:

  1. New to Perl, use another language?
  2. Workshops and events
  3. Further call for speakers
  4. Before and after conference events
  5. Conference flyers
  6. Facebook Page
  7. DuckDuckGo t-Shirts and DuckDuckgo logo on the day

1. New to Programming, new to Perl, use another language?
If you are new to the Perl language, or are a practitioner of another programming language then we would love to welcome you to the London Perl Workshop this year. The London Perl Workshop is a free event held on Saturday, November 12th, at the University of Westminster, Cavendish Campus, London. And when we say "free’ we do mean “free as in Beer”.

There are: free attendance, free sponsor goodies, free coffee/cakes in the morning, free presentations by world-renowned speakers and new speakers, free workshops (see next section) and then free beer (usually 1-3+ rounds dependent on number of attendees) and food at the social event after the conference.

We would also like to welcome those of you taking your first steps into the higher languages and to programming, come along to a conference that embraces newbies, be prepared for spirited debate and to have your understanding stretched, but in a friendly way with a beer and a cake of choice :).

The reason we would especially like to welcome you this year (you are welcome any time) is that there is a glut of companies in the Perlverse seeking new programmers, some of these companies seek experienced Perl personnel, but many of them also seek experienced polyglot programmers as experience of more than one language brings benefits and they have on the job training where you can use your existing skills while learning new ones, there are also companies seeking graduates and have graduate internship programs so this is the right time to brush up your skills in Perl and see what has changed, and trust me a lot has. So take the plunge, at the very least you can see some of the new things in a
rival/new language and get a free drink.

Visit: and register today ;).

2. Workshops and events
To continue from previous announcements I can now confirm that we have three workshops/training sessions planned and accepted and two more in the pipeline.

Ian Norton will be inviting all newcomers to Perl to come along to a training session intended to give you a first taste in how to use the language.

Dave Cross will be teaching us what has changed in Perl since 5.10 up until 5.14 (and 5.15.3) and what the future holds for 5.16 and beyond.

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa will be presenting a workshop on Plack, [url=]CPANM and more (there are other great modules that spiral from this man’s mind).

There are two other workshops under negotiation one on Dancer and one on Dependency Injection, [url=]Test::Spec/[url=]Test::BDD::Cucumber, more information will be announced as these are all clarified and scheduled.

3. Further call for speakers
I must note that it is only four weeks until the call for papers closes for this year and so I expect a flurried rush of activity as you all now scramble to submit to make sure your presentation is in well before the deadline so that we can come to appreciate it for the gem of magnificence it truly is. In other words, please submit earlier rather than later as it helps us to start building up a picture of the day. Thanks.

4. Before and after conference events
As always the Wiki is up and running and I will fill in the details of the after event as soon as they are finalised. We will be attending the same public house as we did last year and I expect they will put on the same level of fabulous beers and food as they did then, we have received generous contributions from sponsors and are open to more if other sponsors wish to come forward. The principal sponsor for the evening however has been selected.

If someone wishes to organise the pre-conference event then please choose somewhere central London that we can attend and chew over the following days activities. I realise that has a drinks tzar
but i don’t expect to push this onerous charge onto him unless he truly wishes it.

5. Conference flyers
I have created a conference flyer and would like your help, please print off some copies and place them in appropriate locations at work, colleges, universities as soon as you can, I would love to see a lot of new faces at LPW this year as there is a real surge of people needed in our growing job market and community.

The flyer already prepared is A4 (though can be reduced to A5) and is suitable to print on a home/small office printer in either colour or black and white. Please find a pdf at:

6. Facebook Page
The London Perl Workshop now has a Facebook Page to be promoted using that virulent and expansive social medium, so if you are a FB member please remember to “like” the page so that we can grab the name and spam you in another medium (though you can stop it doing this in the preferences IIRC).

7. DuckDuckGo t-Shirts and DuckDuckgo logo on the day
DuckDuckGo will be providing a free t-shirt to any speaker willing to wear it during their talk on the day, make sure you state if this is a preference for you and your t-shirt size somewhere in the body of your proposal/in your Act preferences, or by email directly to Mark.

For the day we have had assurance from DuckDuckGo that they will exchange their site logo with a special LPW DDG logo, more info on what this will be given once the details are finalised.

8. Sponsors and Jobs
We already have a full complement of sponsors for the London Perl Workshop for all our necessary sponsored events, but if you still wish your company to be involved then please contact Mark as soon as possible to discuss this. The closing date for Sponsors to be included in all printed media is 30th September, though some submissions will be allowed later than that date.

We are also seeking Sponsors to come along and present themselves if they are seeking new employees or to promote a community specific service or resource, again please contact Mark at your earliest convenience to see what is available.

The address to contact mark is m.keating(at)

Please feel free to forward this mail to any mailing list or forum that seems appropriate. Thanks and I look forward to the next newsletter when we will confirm some more of the details of the day.

(end newsletter)

Sounds awesome. The Perl community is pretty laid back, and are eager to show off some of the new stuff going on in Perl. No llamas, no drama (but very likely a camel). I hope to make it!!

See you there !


I’m looking for a couch now… if no couch, then a hotel, but transport costs means for me this is a 200-400 euro workshop, lawlz : )

Yep, they aren’t cheap to get to … how are you getting over?

P.S. see email from alternative route - not promising I can help or anything …

We haven’t decided. It’s between plane, ferry and eurosstar train.

Ferry gets us in London really really late.
Eurostar takes us directly to London but last time we took it it sat behind some slow-butt cargo train so we were way later than expected, so I guess you never know.
Plane was most expensive and we’d end up fairly early (4pm-ish?) at London City Airport (not bad, really I just never want to be at Heathrow for anything ever lawlz).

I’ve gotten an offer for possibly 2 sofas, so we’ll see. Worst comes to worst we’ll get a hotel but then it needs to be okay with late check-in times and we have to be able to get to it (so if it’s near a tube station, fine, but those stop early for some reason, bleh).

I got the impression flights from London City were more expensive than going out of Gatwick - but the convenience for London itself is difficult to beat.
Glad to hear you have possible sofas :wink: