A New Perl Course

Andrew Solomon is offering a new newbie Perl course, focusing naturally on Modern Perl : ) He’s doing it through a site called “GeekUni”

His blurb:

[quote]Start with ‘Hello World’ then develop a search engine in Perl and an online game powered by Dancer2.
With instant feedback and a personal mentor you’ll soon be writing Modern Perl like a professional.
Just create an account at Geekuni then enroll before Sunday January 4 using the coupon code NYR2015 for a 3-day free trial and a 30% discount off the first month’s fee.
I look forward to seeing you in class!

Create your account here: https://geekuni.com/create-account[/quote]

Dancer2 is a good framework for beginners, really.
If you sign up because you saw this ad here, write somewhere that you heard about it from Sitepoint forums, so he knows.

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