The importance of top-level domains

They say that the type of the domain name is of great importance. And if you want to be a success you should have the first level / top-level domains, including com, net and org???

I suspect that a good number of people place more trust on businesses using .com .net .org domains than others. Many country specific ones (e.g. will probably enjoy a similar perception. Other than that, there’s no major difference between using one over another.

With the country specific ones it depends on the rules in the country. For example you must have an Australian registered business to be able to get a or domain so anyone dealing with sites on those domains knows that the business they are dealing with is registered and terefore needs to comply with the laws related to being an Australian registered business. That can give a greater level of confidence in the domain than if it were on a TLD that doen’t necessarily require business registration.

I suppose that will be enough to have domain name in COM and domain name in your ccTLD for your business web site.

I suspect people place too much emphasis on the importance of a domain name and don’t even give their content or service the same level of thought.

As far as I am aware, there’s no evidence or reasonable doubt to claim that using one gTLD will have any inherent “major” benefit over any other. :slight_smile:

I heard about a study done using google and comparing different aspects of domains and they said that .com .net & .org were the winners with .info being one of the lowest. Something about google seeing .info domains as spam because you could register a .info a lot cheaper than the others.

Do you have anything to back that up? I’ve never heard anything in respect to Google discriminating against TLD’s of any measure… seems like FUD to me. :slight_smile:

It is the common interest of people make search by using a TLD domains like .com, .net or .org etc…Hence, from the SEO point of view it is recommended that you go with TLD’s.
But if you are targeting a particular region or a country then it should not be bad using a CCTLD’s.

I think there is a future for .tv Im seeing more of them advertised and visit the occasional .tv site…If possible get both the and the .tv

Back in May 2008 google dropped the .info domains from their database, but they did resurface I believe the next day. That caused a lot of discussion in the SEO world as you can imagine. I have not heard anything about it recently, but I tend to lock in warning information and keep it until I hear that it has changed.

Do a search for “google and .info domains” and you will see some of the articles that I am talking about. I just did the search myself and did not see anything recent though that would indicate it is still happening, but I for one like to be safe.

As far as I’m aware, the dropping of info domains had nothing to-do with their value or the quality of their content… that entirely goes against why PageRank exists, especially the fact that they disappeared for a single day says to me that it was probably a glitch rather than an intentional attempt to purge bad domains. As for what the “SEO” world says, I wouldn’t give it much credibility, they spend most of their time playing guessing games and trying to pre-emptively blow smoke up Google using techniques close to what you would associate with people claiming to posses psychic powers. It’s not worth taking as anything other than that. :slight_smile:

That was right in the middle of the worst of the domain tasting where domains would be registered for their PPC value and then deleted within the five day window if they didn’t bring in enough revenue to justify registering them. The registrars had a five day window within which the domain could be deleted without having to pay the ICANN fee. The low price of the .info domains also had an effect. The new/deleted domain graph for .info gTLD thoughout 2008 was very bumpy. (The growth in .info is highly cyclic so the special offers typically result in a mass drop of domains roughly fifteen months after the offer.) Something like 40 million domains per month were being registered in com/net/info (and I think biz) at the peak of domain tasting. Most of these domains were being deleted within the five day window.