The Great Photography Competition: THE RESULTS

[FONT=“Georgia”]Well done, everyone!

So here’s where it stands.

All of the daily contests are over, and good job to all of you for taking part. I know it was an effort.

Here are the threads for all five days;

Day 1 > [URL=“”]Results > Winner: simonnz

Day 2 > [URL=“”]Results > Winner: Datura

Day 3 > [URL=“”]Results > Winner: vigano

Day 4 > [URL=“”]Results > Winner: pixelfuze

Day 5 > [URL=“”]Results > Winner: jcwacky

The following entrants took part in all days and were therefore eligible for the big prize, a full, print copy of Sitepoint and Paul Duncanson’s new book, Photography For The Web , the new Sitepoint t-shirt , and an expose on HAWK’s Sitepoint blog.

Again, well done to all of you who took part, and we look forward to your feedback on the contest, the photos, the book, and any other ideas you wish to tell us about. Thanks!

  • capescafe
  • Datura
  • emeryswanson
  • jcwacky
  • pixelfuze
  • sbarrat
  • simonnz
  • WarpNacelle

(A special mention to wenchbabe and gryffyn, who were both only one day short of qualifying for the big prize.)

And so finally, after all of my typing and your reading, the final winner by draw of “The Great Photography Competition” is…

Entrant #7: simonnz

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woo hoo! :aparty:


I’m guessing that she’s naturally short. She’s holding the pole lower than a ‘normal’ person and it would be a lot of effort to photoshop the background garage door, shorten her and apply a replacement shadow.

Congrats Simon and to all the other participants, I enjoyed watching the contest from a distance. :slight_smile: I wish I’d had the time to be a part of it too!

Thanks Shaun and Hawk. This was alot of fun and very informative.
I appreciate the critiques and advice.

Great seeing everyone’s entries.
Now to buy the book!

Take care.

I would like to remind/invite everyone reading this that there is a REGULAR forum thread, updated each month, that encourages you to stretch your photography accumen.
And, the most-posted thread in the Photography section (if not ALL OF SITEPOINT) is the every popular What Is It?

Have fun.


Congratulations. Well done.

Congratulations to all the winners. Great job! clap clap

I love the pictures, btw :slight_smile:

Those are some amazing looking pictures. Really looking to get into photography. thanks to all that did this!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yup, it’s a cool photo.

It’s by vigano, not by me.


Congratulations everyone! There were some really interesting shots that got an unusual perspective. Nice work.

The one with the lady standing next to the warehouse is pretty odd. Is she unusually short…or is it just me? Great pic nonetheless!

Congratulations to you all. Personally i like most and i think it transmits lots of messages the 3rd picture, posted by Shaun.

thanks. That was really great to see. I have never thought that photo can be so good and quality made!
I wish I can do the same soon.

thanks everybody, lucky number 7 and the draw. good work from everyone else, really enjoyed going out everyday too on a mission. reminded me of high school photography almost 20 years ago!

learnt a lot from Shaun(OfTheDead), thanks heaps there, appreciate the critique. Thanks to Hawk for orgainising and setting the mission everyday.

can we do it all again soon? next year? tanoshikata:)

Congratulations to all the Daily winners and to simonnz for winning the Grand Prize.

I agree. This contest was both interesting and educational. I think I’ve learned a bit from both the great photos and the critiques.

And I enjoyed doing my 2 missions to boot!

Congrats simonnz! Well done!

I’d really like to do this contest again. I had so much fun getting a mission everyday. My 5 year old really liked it too. He would say “What do you have to take pictures of today mommy?” So I hope you’ll do this again or something similar. I certainly learned a lot just in taking a ton of photos and having them be critiqued by the judge. Thanks!

Congrats simonnz, all your shots were top notch - a very deserving winner :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed this competition, been a real adventure for me. Took time off work and put a lot of effort in, and definitely learnt a lot. Thanks for organising HAWK/Shaun and will keep my eyes peeled for any other adventurous opportunities!

Congratulations simonnz. Have fun with all the SP stuff :slight_smile:

Exciting! Thanks to everyone that took part - I am blown away by some of the entries.

And a special thanks to Shaun - the not-so-secret judge!

Congratulations simonnz. Well deserved. I’ll be in touch to organise your prize.

Kudos to all of you guys. Nice job!