Day 3: The Great Photography Competition RESULTS

And the results from our secret judge are in…


Regal subject. Good framing, although I don’t like where that building is in the back there. I like that you’re looking up at it, it makes a mighty subject like this look even bigger.


This is a cool statue. The harsh light works, and I love how low to the ground you got. Lots of layers to the grass. Good.


Sweet! Ten points for using pop-up flash to balance the sky. Good going.


Great angle. Love the direction to the light, so you chose a nice time of day. It looks contrasty and makes a nice shape against that blue sky.


Good but cropped a little tight.

As my adopted art teacher once told me, everything in your photo/art must look deliberate. If you’re cropping something, crop it. If not, then don’t. The crop of the tip of his hat and flag looks too timid. For me, I’d have backed up a step or two to fit the whole of the statue in the shot, plus give his head some room at the top of the frame.


Come now, gryffyn, you could have gotten lower than this. It would have made your gargoyle really look mean!


Cute! I maybe would have moved it to a more suitable floor, like grass or a solid colour maybe, to add some contrast between the surface and the light-coloured statue.


Love the height, love the silhouette. Really good job there.

For me, I’d prefer keeping the horizon straight. As I said in a previous review, the diagonal horizon thing is some of a goofy trick thats now cliche. Makes you look too amateurish.


tsk tsk Some valdal and spraypainted Sitepoint on that wall there. I wonder who that might have been…

Good job. I love the angle; It turns the whole room into a subject. I’d have moved the plastic bag but it’s not essential. Nice.


Interesting artwork by “Streetdog”.

For this kind of shot, where you’re recording someone’s work to show it off, you need to be dead on with your angle. You’re slightly high, so we’re seeing that perspective line on the left there. (See my comments on the Day 1 results thread re the restaurant photos.)

You can correct this in an image editor, or try to lower yourself to the centre of the subject to avoid those lines warping.


Woah, you found a great spot.

Nice shot, and I like the direction you’re shooting from for this.


You’re only allowed to submit one photograph per topic/day. I’ll be going with the first one you submitted, the mushroom.

You could have done better here if you moved in closer. Play with angles and the direction you’re shooting from. The light at this time of day is also harsh and also not falling on your subject at all. Maybe consider a different time, or walking with your own light if possible.


Good, but that steeple in the back is really bugging me.

Try moving around the subject a little to hide it. Keep in mind, while shooting, that everything in your photograph is important. Not only the subject and the foreground, but what’s going on in the background as well. It can add context and depth, or it can add distraction. You must mind it all.


Sorry ParkinT, but this is a photo of your dog, not the statue. You might have considered doing this in reverse; Focus on the statue or put the statue in the foreground, but have your furry friend in the back somewhere or out of focus.

It could be interesting too if you got them to interact with each other. Have your dog smell the statue’s nose or something like that.


Bright, pretty colours! I noticed you like wide angles. Perhaps make it more extreme by going closer to the wall, or from on top a ladder up high.

A lot of this photo’s appeal has to do with the subject you chose, and the skill or the artist who did the painting. I’ll give your points to your credit anyway for choosing it to photograph.


Interesting. Play with light direction, the lighting on this is a little flat and dull.


Not bad, did you put your own light on it? Interesting angle.


Beautiful light and sky, simonnz. Good going there.

Please try to keep your horizon straight, and you might have considered dropping down a little so that the big base of the statue breaks the horizon.


Interesting. I like the highlights a lot, good light direction.

I can’t make up my mind about the shallow depth of field. I wonder if this would have been better with the face in focus and the hand going blurred.

Not a bad photo in either case. Good one.


Awe man, this is cool.

I love the defiant look, and with you looking down on him, it only brings it out more.

Really well done.


hahaha, He’s cute.

Nice shot. Nice height. Horizon could be straighter, but it kind of works because of the funny head-tilt of the gnome. I like the off-centredness of the shot which adds to the quirkiness.


Not bad. Better framing than on the previous day.

Try getting more directional light on your subject to give it form and shape. It looks a little flat right now, likely because of the time of day. Perhaps redo this at close to sunset to get orangey clouds up in the background, and a nice warm glow on your seal.

Good going, everyone!

I like 'em all, but the prize today has to go to vigano for his graffiti artist. Well done.

Thanks for your comments HAWK, the squint horizon was actually initially unintentional, as I was holding the camera to the ground and too one side with one hand, I stuggled to keep it straight as I couldn’t see though the viewfinder. I’m not normally a fan of squint horizons either, but when I tried to straighten this shot up in post-processing, I felt it lost something, so I left it in.

Appreciate the comments though, and well done to vigano for a great shot, I also really like sschmalz’s, the lighting and depth of field were perfect.


Thanks to you all.

vigano, congrats! love this shot too!

thanks for the comment, good points made

Congratulations vigano,

Great captivating image.

Ah yeh, sorry, should have read the first line! Apologies!

Sorry - I should clarify - they are not my comments.
I know NOTHING about photography and wouldn’t deem to comment on your work. :slight_smile:

The comments are from our secret judge.

Yes, great shot vigano. Congratulations :slight_smile:

I love the way your friend was dressed too, it fit right into the color scheme.

Congrats vigano, nice work!

Not you fault - I just added that first line in. :wink: