The Great Photography Competition: The Details

Ok people, here you have it.

The competition officially starts next Monday July 5th.
Every 24 hours we will announce two photography missions. You will be required to choose one and submit a photo based on the required criteria. The criteria will be announced 24 hours in advance to give you time to plan.

The missions will be announced at 1600 SPT (SitePoint time - GMT +12 hours) See Current SPT, with the first two being announced on Sunday 1600 SPT

You can submit your image by posting in the daily competition thread

At the end of each 24 hour period, our mystery judge will announce one winner based on the quality and uniqueness of the images and the next two subjects will be announced.

Each daily winner will win a PDF of our new book, Photography For The Web.

At the end of the week, every entrant that submits 7 images (one from each day) goes into the draw to win the grand prize.

The grand prize is a photo showcase in the SitePoint Community blog, along with a brief bio with a link to the winner’s site. The prize also includes a brand new SitePoint t-shirt (once it is printed!) and a print version of Photography For The Web.

The Rules:


Photos must be shot in allocated 24 hour period. Photos from five years ago are not allowed.

Entrants may take part as many times as they like, but an entrant may only win once (except for the grand prize, for which everyone that submits 7 photos goes into the draw to win).

No goofy Photoshop effects or overdone photo-manipulation. Entrants are allowed to correct colour, contrast, and make minor tweaks such as removing litter or distracting objects from a photo, but no surreal colours or crazy filters.

It started a couple of days ago :slight_smile:

when its going to start

Exactly right. 24 hours to plan and 24 hours to submit. :slight_smile:

So to make things super clear…

In ~5 hours from now I will be announcing the subjects for Monday. You will then have 24 hours to plan your mission, at which point you can begin submitting (and you’ll have 24 hours to do that).

Does that help? I’m not completely sure that I haven’t made things even MORE confusing…

So, for each assignment there are 48 hours from start to finish. Right?

For people struggling with the time thing, it is easy to count just the hours from the time you Sarah are posting. People can look at the post time, for each of us has a different time, but we all have the same 48 hours :slight_smile:

I’ll post a new thread for each competition day.

And I figure that posting the subjects 24 hours before you begin submitting, and then giving you 24 hours for submission will hopefully mean that even if you get the time zone thing mucked up, you’ll still have time to submit.

And yes, we have indeed… seems like forever.

I’ve managed to book some time off work so I’m pumped for this. Bummed that I’ll be finding out the subjects at 4am though (I’m in the UK …is that right?) Gonna have to stock up on the coffee/red bull!

Unless the calendar is different in NZ the 5th is Monday. Of course for those who live slightly east of there it will still be Sunday when the competition starts.

That does sound like a fun run. Well guys, let’s see some good stuff :slight_smile:

This timezone thing is surely confusing for a lot of people. I remember that from past competitions, even staff gets confused.

I’ll say. Between timezone, daylight savings and the international dateline, members online from all over the world, some posting they need a coffee to wake up while others say they need to go to bed - within minutes of each other - it’s enough to make me think I fell in the rabbit hole!

  • it’s enough to make me think I fell in the rabbit hole!

Or simply an indicator that the world is as small as we think. :wink:

Question: might you clarify which thread on the forum to which we should post our attachments?
The contest announcement and this rules thread perhaps could/should/might be combined?


Ps. Hawk – just noticed, we’ve been hanging around these digs for a while now. Geesh, time.flys. :wink:

So is this starting tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday?

Yup - that’s right. I’m in NZ. :slight_smile:

First off, you would be amazed how many people submit photos that don’t actually fall within the area of the competition. To use a concrete example: In the 1st round of the Crestock competition, the title of the photo was to be ‘The Meaning of Life’. Now, I’m all for having a wide array of possibilities and interpretations, but there’s something to be said for at least tenuously staying on target.

GMT + 12 is not the same time zone as Melbourne, it’s 2 hours ahead. So that’s midnight in New York, does that make it any easier?

[FONT=“Georgia”]900 - 2000 px length for the longer side of the photograph.

DPI doesn’t matter.


Upload as attachments or the threads will start taking forever to load.


errmmm, so I guess something like my avatar is unacceptable?

I went to the timezone link and:

selected “Use The Following Date/Time:”
Date: July 4 2010
Time: 16:00:00 24-Hour
From Time Zone: Melbourne/Australia
To Time Zone: America/New_York (the nearest to West Springfield MA)

And I got
16:00:00 Sunday July 4, 2010 in Australia/Melbourne converts to
02:00:00 Sunday July 4, 2010 in America/New_York
Daylight Saving Time is not in effect on this date/time in Australia/Melbourne
Daylight Saving Time is in effect on this date/time in America/New_York

Not bad, I can be awake at 2 AM for this! If one of the first missions is a black wall at night it will look like

BTW it’s a 400x300 pixel 3KB jpg

Is the size/weight/format OK?

Any dimension/filesize/filetype limitations? eg. what the forum allows for attachment uploads?