The Big Thread of Meaningless Milestones

Just hit 1000 posts? 10,000? Got Orange Pips? Just had your 100th Birthday complete with a letter from the Queen? Post in here and we’ll all celebrate with you :Partydude:

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I’m closing in on 10,000 posts.


um… I had my first Low-country boil last night. It was so yummy.

Well I’ve just passed 1500 posts, and it’s my 18th birthday in 26 days.

Nice idea Rick. Well, actually, you’re right now at 3,333 posts, which seems to be nice. Congratulations!

And SJH, you too, very nice :slight_smile: I’ll try to remember your birthday or perhaps I’ll count on SitePoint to remind me.

I’m closing in on 6666. :devil:

Hooray! Drinks on me!


Thanks :slight_smile:

closing in on 500 posts :o

One of my sites has had over 10 different ‘Coming Soon’ pages. :smiley:

Same here; 47 more to go!

Am I allowed to talk about the 1290 posts… here?

What are “orange pips”? :lol:

My first post in this thread!!:aparty::toast::apint::Partydude::Partier:

What are “orange pips”?
The little sitepoint logos under your username (above your avatar) turn orange when you get to 600 posts. :wink:

I’m closing in one something. Not sure what it is yet.

I’ve just hit one. :slight_smile:

I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

What the heck is that?