The person above you

Ok, let’s try this.

Post something about the person above you, I’ll start.


^ great guy ^

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^ Clueless ^

^ Mehh…

^ Most wanted

^ is at his desk

^ is a wonderful person

^is on a mad concoction of drugs

^ faceless and mysterious

^ Thinks cheese steaks is a food group.

^ head is fluffy

^ Is probably named James. :smiley:

^loves the patriots just like me :slight_smile:

^ pahks the cah

It’s two: “wiz wit” and other :stuck_out_tongue:

^ posts more than anyone should.

^Signed up in November 2001

^ Smartest goalie I’ve never met

^ Scared of spiders (screams like a girl)

^ scared of girls (screams like a spider)


^ Green