Post a Funny Sign ;)


Just testing out the new Poll feature.

How would you rate the new Poll feature?


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Computer humour
Just learning how to make/modify polls. :)
Computer humour
Computer humour

As if we could ignore something that says "Ignore please"!?!?!?!??


I know right? Does he not know who he is dealing with? smile



Might as well hang up a flashing neon sign saying come on in...


On Opposite Day, would the Sitepoint Community ignore a topic that said "Ignore Please"? smiley


Doubtful, as surely a good portion of our community is on a new day by the time the rest of us realize it is opposite day.

So the half that are doing the opposite are not the ones who are technically opposite.


So what you're saying, really, is that we transcend the barriers of time!


Of course we do. We're Sitepoint! smile


Why do you think I labeled it "TEST: Ignore, please"? Coz I wanted as many people as possible to come through and vote, of course! smile




frowning Bottom image is blocked, here. What is it?




The final "I need it" with spongebob screaming. The zoomed out-ish scene. You can imagine it I'm sure.

Edit-Just uploaded on sitepoint this time.


Hey, great - a topic where I can join in and nobody will object.


@TechnoBear control this bear - he is out of control!


Rubbish! He's a remarkably useful bear to have about the place, trust me.



But really!?!? Looks like you're focusing on the topic and not the content!! How could you ignored the pool buttons ?! They are AWESOME! smile


Damn this thread is just inviting silly replies smile


Only if you pair it with this one! (after all they did want advice)


Oh and @WolfShade (in regards to noticing my topic on polls)