Does every new site experience the sandbox effect? For how long?


I have a new website in a very competitive niche (Web Hosting). I am targeting a relatively popular keyword match in my domain name “” . I am keeping my website daily updated, making on-site optimization and writing guest posts and I am constantly getting back links from different sites.

However, I am still receiving a very low number of visitor (less than 10 per day). My website is only one month old and it is still not ranking well. For how long should I wait before seeing my site ranking well on the search engines (esp: Google) ?


Weeks. Days. Months. Years.

It depends. For something as competitive as web hosting, I would be surprised if you got your website on the front page in a year. A month is no time in terms of Google. Even not-so-competitive areas may not see themselves ranking that well yet.

The sandbox is a myth.

To be more accurate, to answer your question. Sandbox is only when a website is abusing googles algorithm and spamming, this can be a white screen, when entering your website url and not showing up anything… I would advise to use googles webmasters tool and submit your site, and having a site map helps as well.

Google can pick up your site minimum of 2 weeks or more. This would mean, where ever you are guest posting, is this persons site page rank high? If your promoting hard, and not seeing any results, it may because you overlooked your competition.

Why do I say 2 weeks or more? The most crawled websites are ones that are index with google for a long time, and getting constantly updated with new content, etc. Think more of quality, then quantity.

Important Tip: When you are linking or guest posting, I hope you are using your keywords to add more weight with google. :smiley:

For such a competitive niche, one month is very small amount of time… If you are not getting traffic from organic search, try other channels like social media… After all, its all about getting traffic and converting them into leads.

You are rushing your link building too much. If this is the case google tends to ban or at least sandbox you. My suggestion is to continue link building at a minimum and update content on your website. Try 10 links a day and try to mix it up with nofollow links and dofollow links, you don;t want to seem to seo hungry. Your website is just sandboxed so it’s not a problem to get back up on your feet. I sent you a pm for info.

You are making that up. You have no idea if that is right or not! There is no problem with rishung teh link building. Care to explain when something goes ‘viral’ and gets a zillion links within a few days, why they do not get penalized?

how am i making it up? he got sanboxed not banned from google, what other way to get out of sanbox? he needs to continue link building at a minimum to get out of it. To answer your question people use “special techniques” which very few people know about. Things like getting nofollow wiki links, believe it or not this increases your rankings very fast, and i know this because i have tried it myself. As the links need time to get indexed and the links are authority links meaning google loves these links. Don’t get mixed up with nofollow and dofollow links, people tend to over abuse nofollow and still seem to get results.

And i just don’t mean wiki links are the only links, there are .edu links and guest posting links as well. Anything with content basically google loves, how do you think people get away with article marketing to 1,000’s of article directories? even submitting your site to website directories is fine, as most web owners take up to 6 months to approve urls. There is just too much to consider and i do not need proof, go read some info online for yourself. It doesn’t hurt to learn more and understand.

You making it up:

  • where did you get the figure of 10 links a day from? You made that up.
  • that sandbox is a myth. You made that up,
  • why do those sites that go viral not get penalized for the zillion links they get? You made that up.
  • etc

Time for the mods to close this thread as the parrots have arrived.

-10 links a day is a safe number as he needs advise to get out of sandbox and this is my suggestion
-i never said sandbox is a myth as i am trying to help him get out of it
-if you think you are so smart try sending a zillion links to your site and watch what happens

lastly i just don’t like your attitude, instead of giving suggestions you just say everything is fake. Make a site and try building links and rushing it and see what happens, you get people sandboxed all the time with google and you can read more threads on other forums if you wish as this part i am not making up and has happened to my first site i ever made so this does exist.

Also you cannot close this thread, you are just being selfish as this matter needs to be solved first.

I don’t like any parrots who come here and just make stuff up. I treat those who make stuff up with the contempt they deserve.

The sandbox is just a myth used by useless SEO’s who can’t get their sites ranked.

AFAIK Google has neither admitted nor denied a “sandbox”. So it’s only a theory.

Unfortunately, so many spout conjecture as fact that it only confuses the issue.

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