Domain Age

I have a couple of sites. Started some new ones with keywords based in the urls. After a week I saw one of them goto position 1 for 1 keyword and has stayed there for 3months now.

Anyway. I have another domain, my original site no keywords in the name. I have decided to see what I can do with that.

If I optimize it for the keywords I want and add more/better backlinks then say other sites at position 1-5. My PR is less than some, just 1 and I’ve done nothing.

How long will it take for that site to filter through (say I did everything google / engines asked of me) to the top positions. My thoughts are there is no reason why, if the site is optimized and optimized better then the top results, that I shouldn’t be there. Domain age is now around 3 years. Not changed the site just the title,keywords and on page content…

Reason I ask is because I feel with the other sites, what is possible working against me is domain age…

It is my understanding that domain age helps.

But it is only one of many things that may affect the results.

Are you adding new relevant content regularly?

I’ve just started this site today, so not changing content much yet.

As a sidenote tho, the guy in top position, with 200 backlinks with yahoo site explorer and a pr of 3 isn’t changing his content either…

My site is better optimized on the keywords too, as based on ranks NL

you will have to continue working on the backlinks to go up the rankings. it will also help if you keep updating relevant content periodically if not often. if you are dealing in highly competitive markets, it will take more time for the results to show as your competition will be working on the very same keywords. :slight_smile:

Why should Google put you at #1?

That isn’t meant in a nasty way, but for most words and phrases you’ll be competing against tens, hundreds or even thousands of other websites … what makes your site better than all of them? Because there’s only one #1 spot, and only one website can occupy it. You might be doing the right things, optimising your site, following all of Google’s advice, but if there’s another site out there that’s doing it better, they will beat you in the rankings, it’s as simple as that.

Getting to #1 isn’t just a mechanistic process, like painting by numbers – it isn’t the case that you can just follow Google’s guidelines and in time you’ll get there. You have to have top-quality content, and the evidence to show that it is top-quality (in the form of a broad range of relevant backlinks from authoritative sites). And that is where it becomes more art than science.

Not 10,0000’s for what I am aiming for. I think there are 2 to 300 if I am correct in thinking. As I mentioned above. Top site is pr 3 with 200 backlinks in site explorer content doesn’t change as it’s not an updatable type of site image or content wise., 2nd site has no PR 2oo links.

I know there are all kinds of things going on, but technically if my site is optimized on keywords and links more than other sites why shouldn’t it be for now. I have just taken a small sample of sites from page 2 of the results and it seems the problem with these pages even tho some have high PR is that they are not optimized for keywords…

Anyway. I suppose I am answering my own questions slightly. I’ll wait and let update this post.

I like to sign up for 5 years. Gives some legitimacy.

I’m getting a problem where my domain age on most analyzers can not be determined??

Why is their software bug your problem?

Whether or not the site analyzers you’re using can determine your domain age has no bearing on your site’s ranking.

I just assumed that if multiple sites are having a problem, there must be a problem…Mybe not… is not showing anything apart from the previous owners site. How does that work?

It crawls sites that allow it to and displays what it found, as it found it. The newest data in there is maybe 6 moths old but for most sites it can be nearly 2 years old.

If you are asking for a set timeframe you won’t get it. No two keywords or sites are the same and so things will vary.