Text shadows

If I have coloured my menus #FF3400 with a hover colour of #343334 what is the best shadow colour for this?

I’ve currntly taken off the shadow as the original colour was white with a grey shadow but it looked bad when I changed the colour. I’m not too sure when it comes to mixing colours and shadows so will be glad of some pointers
Many thanks

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You could use a different shadow color for each state. Here is a nice tool for finding color combinations:

As an artist, the shadow tone of any color (colour for those of you in the UK :)) can be mixed by darkening with black, and adding a bit of the complement. Example: To mix the shadow tone of blue, darken it with black and add a touch of orange.

You have a very nice looking site started there, i would say dark very thin shadows would complement your design best. Just barely noticeable would do. You`ve done a great job so far , i like it!