Taking videos on a smartphone

It’s amazing what you film on a phone these days. This little London video is taken on an iPhone—admittedly with a few extra lenses fitted, but still …

I know they’ve started to make movies with iPhones now.

I’m still trying to get inspired to do something like this—even if just a simple family vid. Have you tried anything like this? Feel free to post examples (although try to avoid advertising vids!)

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I think it’s awesome what we can do with our phones. I know / know of people that do freelance work at least half, if not more, from their phones, and no one I know except for a serious photographer carry a separate camera anymore… it’s not surprising that it’s happening with video too.

I’ve never bought any extra lenses for either my iPhone (previously) or the Note I’ve got now. Maybe I will make a family video or two though, IDK… usually we just do pictures, but with the ease of storage of data now you start to wonder why we don’t video all sorts of things all of the time…

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I’ve gotten two dogs in the last year, and I video them a lot … but now I have all this footage that I’m not that keen to organize, let alone edit etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, true… even harder to keep culled and organized than photos probably, as you can sort and discard photos at a glance and a click or whatever…

Especially once the new arrival puts in an appearance


That’s absolutely fantastic. What type of phone did you use to take this picture? And more importantly how was your stay in London?

Heh, it’s not my work; just something I was linking to. But I can see how my initial post was misleading. Sorry about that!

I saw this video featured online, and it made me reflect on what you can do with a phone these days. I love the fact that you can get pretty good results from such a common device. What a world of technology we are living it. :slight_smile:

That’s absolutely fantastic. I’ll use it to make some awesome videos for my site

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