Vlogging advice

I want to try to do some video blogs, could you folks advise some good inexpensive camera/headset whatever you might need for that?
Advice or links on how to create a good video blog?
Using a desktop for this.

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You can use your mobile phone. Don’t need anything hyper expensive at all.

Depending on the devide, you may need a mic. There are cool mics for mobile phones. Normally the phone mics are crap. That should be cheap.

And if you want to play with your mobile phone camera, there’s a lense set in amazon for $10 (macro, telelense and fisheye, I think)

If your computer has a built in camera, you could start with that too. Or if you have a camera (any type: compact, DSLR…), that’s an option too. Again, you’ll probably need a good mic. If you have a good headset and mic for your computer, you can do a voice over with that.

Probably you should work more on lighting, especially if you’re shooting indoors. There’s a twin led lighting set that works very woell for $40-60 in amazon


Well darn. thank you for pointing out the obvious! And saving me some money!
I do have a camera & didn’t even think of using my phone (nexus). Good point. & no my desktop doesn’t have a camera, Laptop does.


Regarding good videos for making vlogs… You can find plenty of them but the most important thing is… practice! Learn how to use your camera and the different angles. Write a little story before you shoot. You don’t need to read what you want to say, that would be unnatural, just a few key concepts and then tell it to the camera as you would tell it to a friend

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Thx, Have you done a lot of vids?

I’m creating my channel. Just to help my group. I have a language exchange group. When something comes up, I want to put them a little vlog so they have the info. It is not up yet though. It may be a bit too much for the world to see XD

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Would love to see it when it ready for prime time :slight_smile:

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darn might need to find a cheap computer camera though as I’d want to include screen work.

what do you mean with screen work?

In the event when i want to show my screen. and screen or head shot.

No need. You have software that can capture your screen. And some software that, if you have an integrated camera, would do that head shot in small corner of the video for you. And you said your laptop did have one :slight_smile:


eyah but not the laptop. Hmm. ok need to educate myself!

Well, since your laptop does have a buit in camera, you’re sorted for those screen captures with headshots included.

But, worse case scenario, you would use your phone to do the headshot and a screen capture software to record what’s going on the screen

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Most new phones have better cameras than you will need for that nowadays. I kept my Lumia 1020 just because it has a 41mp digital camera and nothing else comes close to it’s image size, but the Samsung Edge6 has 4k video and is much easier to use.

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