Video for iPhone

Hi there,

So I have to build a video gallery for a stylist. The majority of the work she does is on music videos, TV ads, and the odd TV show/theatre production. Basically 90% of her content is moving image.

She wants the site to be viewable on mobile browsers, primarily iPhone and Blackberry, but I imagine Android support is also a plus.

Her video content is in various different formats and aspect ratios, and to top it off she doesn’t want to use a hosting site like YouTube or vimeo, cos she doesn’t want the logo in the bottom corner of the player.

So a couple of questions: If I use a flash player of any kind, like jwplayer, for example, will iPhone users be able to view the video? If not, is it possible to have iPhone users served a QT video instead?

Finally, what exactly is video hosting, and is it necessary for this project. Can I not stream movies directly from the site’s server?

Ok, I hope that makes sense, thanks in advance.

PS. Are there any good books on this subject that might help me get a handle on all this?

You can use hosting sites without using the label – you just need to step up a class to paid video hosting. Brightcove and Limelight come to mind in this space. Conveniently, they will also solve your mobile delivery problems.

Thanks wwb_99, i’ve checked out Brightcove and Limelight, who both offer great services, however my client isn’t prepared to pay the £60 odd per month as the cost of the service.

I’ve also had a look at vimeo’s paid service, which seemed like a cheap alternative, but their service is for non commercial use only, which mean’s I’m once again back to the drawing board.

I know that jwplayer is used quite a lot, but it’s a flash player, and so will not be available to iPhone.

I suppose I need to serve-up flash movies to everyone except iPhone user, who need to get quicktime.

Is that possible? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?