Virtual Reality: Video 360°

Have you guys checked these videos? They are fantastic!

What do you think?

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Interesting. I have done this kind of thing with still photos before, but never with video.
You can do stills with a normal camera, by taking a series of photos and stitching them. But with video, all images have to be taken simultaneously for the motion to match up, so you need a special camera set up with multiple lenses pointing in all directions as you record.

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Cool! It is the same as Google Maps, right?

Anyway, yeah, I think that is required a special cam in order to create those videos.

Here are a few more examples:


The cameras that do the “Street View” for Google is more like the video camera set up, in that it takes the photos simultaneously from multiple lenses, because it is mounted on top of a moving van.
Though panoramas published on 360 Cities can get selected to go on Google Earth.
Mine were done with a single camera, taking one shot, rotating a bit to leave an overlap, and taking the next shot. For many of them, like the ones near the River Trent, I used a DSLR with a very wide 14mm lens, to get the full sphere in as few shots as possible (a fish eye is best). To do it well and avoid any parallax errors, you should use a panoramic head, but I don’t have one, so used the pendulum method to keep still. You can get away with slight parallax shifts with landscapes. But some of those, the North Landing slipway, the crossroads in Galicia and the River Ancholme, I (somehow) managed to do it freehand using just a basic point & shoot compact camera with a standard lens.
360 Cities have guides on how to do it and the hardware/software you need, if you are interested in trying it.

Yes, though things can be rigged up. With the small video cameras available today, they can be arranged in a cluster to cover the full sphere.

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Thank you for your explanation, SamA74. :smiley:

yes… definitely… thanks @SamA74
i wouldnt have understood this… not on my own…
too dependent on google

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