Switch to VPS server

Hello webmasters,

I am using shared hosting and now want to switch on VPS I need some advice form which company I should take VPS server and can I start hosting services with VPS.

Thanks in advance


That sounds highly unlikely. A VPS is just a server that serves up websites. A webhost will not block websites from VPS servers. There is something else going on here.

i have heard a new problem in vps one of my friend is using some of broadband service provider doesnt support them like airtel in India Ex. if i m using airtel broadband then the site wil not open.

I also use LiquidWeb, and I just wanted to confirm that they are great. I have a VPS with them, for about one year now, and the support is great.

if you are happy with your current web hosting company you can stay with it (if they offer VPS)

I use Liquidweb, and have no complaints. 1 year+ so far.

and can I start hosting services with VPS.

You can become a host, if that’s what you mean. I wouldn’t advise it though, unless you plan to either just family members/friends (basically a hobby that customers know it’s a hobby), or plan to really go serious about it. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re already good at.

If you are new at hosting service, my suggestion is Reseller hosting. because managing a VPS need many knowndge abou Linux OS.

I switch from shared plan to VPS in the same company (hostgator). with CPanel cost me $79 per month. I love the support from hostgator.

There is high competition in this niche. Try to check various web hosting forums and offers sections there and I suppose you will find plenty of offers.

There are lots of good ones around. I can highly recommend KnownHost (based in the US). Magnificent service, always ready to help.

If you are new to VPS then buy a fully managed VPS. Best VPS providers I can recomend are KnownHost and WiredTree. Both are good and their prices start from $50.

whats the difference between Reseller hosting and VPS hosting artist

It depends a lot on your needs. Is your site high bandwidth or not, how much disk space / disk speed you need, where in the world most of your visitors are from and so forth. Any details would help make a suggestion.

Since you are completely new to this, I would suggest getting a fully managed VPS or get a reseller account for now and then upgrade to a VPS later on.

If you want to resell VPS hosting then you need a reseller obviously. If you just want one site from the VPS, I would just get a regular VPS.

Since you are asking these questions, I would recommend you get a fully managed VPS so everything is pre-set for you so you don’t have to optimize the VPS for your performance needs since it seems you are new to this kind of thing.

I have a VPS from 247-host.com and it is pleasant with full support from them.