Cheap VPS Hosting with CPanel

Can anyone suggest me a Cheap VPS Hosting Provider with Cpanel. I am not a techie guy and i don’t no how to use a VPS Server so. If Cpanel is ther it would be easier for me.

You can check dreamyhost’s vps plan. They will charge extra $16 for cpanel license. They will do all the setup and maintaince for your vps. they are good in my experience…

Dreamhost is wise, would I trust them for business use probably not so much based on past experiences. :slight_smile:

There are quite a number of services out there but it will also depend on how much you are willing to spend on what you need and for what purpose.

I am getting around 20k visitors with over 40k page views. i can pay around 50$ / month Max.

I am not a techie guy and i don’t no how to use a VPS Server so.

Then you need a fully managed VPS, which will always come with a control panel, be it cPanel or something else. These are not cheap however. Typically you can expect to pay $40+ on an entry level fully managed VPS from a reputable provider.

Personally, I’ve used a VPS from Liquidweb, and it was quite good. Support was friendly and prompt as well. You can go to and look for their most recent coupons/special offers.

Thanks idcdc i will check it out. have a nice time

There are many Hosting providers who have a option of cPanel on their VPS servers. As you have mentioned that you are not a techie guy so you should look for a Managed server. Many Hosting provider have server management as a part of their service. They do not charge users for support which makes them more reliable

Managed VPS/server means that the Hosting provider will take care of the server side issues of your hosting account like the O.S problem, control panel problem or Database problem. All you need to do is just contact them and their system admins will get the issue sorted out for you.

I can suggest you hostdime and dreamyhost for cheap vps plan. i have 2 vps with the both provider. i am happy with them…

I would definitely agree that you should head over to and look for the latest specials. You have a very reasonable budget for that required resources to support your website.

Ive been with for the last 3 months, what made me signup was the 2 free months , so far the service has been great.:slight_smile:

I recommend to go for VPS link or Hosgator cpanel VPS plans.( As per my experience)

hostgator is good as well, what brought me to jag is 2 free months

Google it bro!.. hehe :slight_smile: there are cheap and quality VPS hosting in WWW.

just dont try fatcow… worst hosting i have ever tried

hostgator would be best choice for you cheap and fast VPS servers, try their un managed VPS hosting with easy control panel

Clarkjackson, their control panel is horrendous in my opinion. They don’t even give you cPanel which is ten folds better.

You can find cheap VPS deals listed at, but as far as CPanel goes, as others have stated it’s usually at least $15 a month for unmanaged plans unfortunately. Some do offer free alternatives though.

The original poster has likely long since sourced a suitable host, so thread closed.