VPS administration services

Hi gurus,

I’m not a developer but the client. I’m looking to change from shared hosting to a virtual private server. The host I’m looking to use, do not offer managed VPS. So I’m planning to hire a VPS administrator. I have no knowledge on VPS administration, besides knowing that they need to transfer my website to my new VPS, install Cpanel, and redirect domain name.

Can someone please advise what else needs to be done, to not only set up my VPS but to keep it maintained and running.

I’ve looked at some VPS administrators, they offer many different packages offering very minimum service to very detailed service. I have no idea what package is appropriate for my website. It is a start up site, so at the moment I have no traffic (still in development). I don’t want to start on a package that will be an overkill and waste of money (because of unnecessary services performed), then again I don’t want to start on a package, that won’t give me adequate service and therefore put my site at risk of going offline.

Here is the link that offers different VPS admin packages:

Can someone please advise/recommend the package that would be most appropriate for my start up site. The website is quite ambitious and complexed (online chat, forum, photo gallery, shopping cart, feedback form, video streaming, member registration, etc…) and I expect the site will grow quite fast.

WOuld appreciate any advise,
Ashley :slight_smile:

Hmm, that page doesn’t give any info on storage or bandwidth capacity. I’d want to know details like that before jumping in. Have you considered other hosts? If you making a change like this, there’s no reason not to jump to another host. There are plenty of managed VPSs out there. When I switched to a managed VPS host the hosting company moved my sites over in the blink of an eye.

Hi thanks for your reply. I’m just planning to use these guys for VPS administration NOT hosting. I would get a managed VPS however I need my host to be in korea and they don’t offer managed VPS. which really does sux.

Ah, I see, I didn’t understand. That’s a new concept to me.

I’d really just switch to a managed provider. Hosting is absolutely a commodity business these days, I’d rather have a host responsible for the box as well to keep them a bit more interested.

For VPS management I’d actually look at WebHostingTalk instead of SitePoint. It’s a topic which is discussed far more often, they also have a directory of server/vps management companies… not to mention tons of good & bad reviews for you to look at.