Superfish drop down menu

Hello Everyone,

Any of you used the Superfish drop down menu?? If so what to you think? also what is the best tools to use for Drop Down Menu.

Looking forward for some drop down menu inspirations.



Superfish is pretty good. It’s a JS version of Suckerfish, which is good too. Suckerfish is one of the better regarded drops downs, so go for it!

(That’s assuming you use a dropdown at all. Personally, I hate them, because they all have accessibility issues, and I don’t think they represent good design anyway. IMHO, it’s better to have a logical main menu, then sub options in each site section.)

Thank you I go for Suckerfish I am not a great lover of drop down menu either. I mostly use Fireworks for my drop down but browsing the net i’ve come across some nicer drop down menus.

Ye, it’s best to avoid the auto-generated code of a graphics program, as it’s always complex, bloated and hard to modify.