Simple Dropdown Menu (Works in Most/All Browsers)

I haven’t coded any sites that needed dropdown menus but I was wondering what scripted solution is out there for something like this? Would want the menu to have a drop down or fade in effect and also an arrow pointing down for the links that are dropdown if possible… I found some solutions that are about 3 years old so thought I would ask before trying something like that since I’m on a mac and cant really check how effective it is in IE browsers :shifty: got tons of free code for this.

You can use the suckerfish menus as a start and then if you want added behaviour you can bolt on top with [URL=“”]superfish.

Dropdown menus need a little bit of thought and aren’t that straight forward to code unless you are familiar with css and html.

thats the website I been browsing through… any specific menu you suggest?

I’ve tried suckerfish yearsss ago… I’ll take a look at it and also superfish…thanks!

I would be careful with some of those other scripts as some of them are monsters and unless you know what’s good and bad you end up with something unmanageable. So look through them carefully.

The suckerfish is still the best method with the smallest footprint (although the suckerfish css needs a little bit of tidying up to be cross browser).

Superfish layers on top so you can add your fades and delays etc but the menu still will work when js is disabled.