Suckerfish or Superfish?


I can use ‘Son of Suckerfish’ drop down menu or Superfish drop down.

Suckerfish is simpler and only need a little js code. While Superfish needs jquery and seems a little slower.

I also need only one drop down level.
So why do I need to consider Superfish?
Is it just for the animation effects?

Mainly, although a JS solution to a dropdown can be a little easier for people to use, as dropdowns don’t disappear so quickly if the mouse moves etc.

Does the jQuery really effect the speed to that degree? I understand it all adds up, but it’s not really that damaging in my opinion. I’d rather go for Superfish in this instance.

The reason it seems slower is that it waits a short while before displaying the menu. That way you don’t get the menu quickly appearing and disappearing when you happen to move your mouse over it without hovering.

Yes I think Superfish is a little easier to use.