Best Way of Creating a Dropdown Menu - Still Suckerfish

Hi There

I’m going to code a vertical drop down menu.

I just wanted to check the latest suggestions for doing so.

Is the standard still the suckerfish dropdown suggested at

Or is there a new / better way of doing things?

Thanks all


Ok Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for that mate, thats been really helpful.

Just to let you know, your footer still states that you were on holiday for the past couple of weeks. Hope that you had a great time!


The basics are still the same although the suckerfish code has a few little problems in various old browsers. I have a demo here that tweaks things to work better.

The js is only needed for IE6 support.

There are some jquery plugins to add extra functionality to the menu (assuming that you are already using jquery for something else as you don’t want to load it for one thing).

Drop down menus are quite hard to use for accessibility reasons and if for instance your hand shakes or you have similar physical impairments it becomes impossible to navigate with the mouse because the cursor flicks off the target area and the menu disappears.

The jquery add ons can add a delay so that if you flick off the menu there is a delay which allows the mouse to be positioned back on the menu before it goes away. Some of the plugins also offer better keyboard input also.

It all depends on the menu but if fine control is needed then just remember that some users may struggle with it.

Thank you very much for the response and link Paul

May I just get some more information from you with regards to jquery? Would there be any disadvantages to adding these enhancements? I haven’t used it elsewhere