Suggestions - Managed VpS or reseller or cloud hosting?

Hi SP Community,

Just need a bit of advice… I need to host 3-4 websites… not much traffic at the start… i plan to upgrade to a higher managed vps or dedicated once the traffic grows…

Was looking at few options for managed Vps(Hostagator and few others vps starts at 20$ or so but manged vps start around 40$)…

Any recommendations for more econonmical and reliable managed vps solution.

I don’t want the botheration of installing, managing and monitoring servers (except my own scripts) so i’m looking for a managed vps solution.

Or would a reseller or a cloud hosting account uit me better?

Please advice.

Managed VPS looks like the best option here for me as in terms of the price as in terms of latency.

Shared hosting is not okay for small sites but a reseller is perfect.

Shared hosting just doesn’t have enough features or power to handle even 2-3 sites. A reseller is a must for that.

Managed VPS hosting would be the best solution for you at this time. You have the advantage of full control of the Linux/Java environment and for what concerns the price this depends on how many resources you would need to consume.

I would suggest you to check eApps Hosting you haven’t done this until now.


Did you read the sticky thread on this very subject? That’s what it’s there for.

IMHO, assess your requirements (and budget) and get the account to satisfy both - no more, no less.



Reseller account is also a shared account. It will not have any performance improvement than Shared account. As you are looking for a performance improvement so either you can get any Semi-dedicated type of plan that offers more resources and its performance is better than normal shared plan. If you are planning to move off shared hosting then you should go for VPS but a Managed VPS should be the best so that you can manage your sites like you do on shared and you shouldn’t worry about server/software upgrades as those will be done by the Provider.

Cloud hosting is just too expensive for my tastes these days. A managed VPS or reseller will do wonders until the price dips on the cloud hosting.

Yes, for small websites reseller or even shared accounts are fine.


What’s your reasoning behind that? You do realise that shared hosting and reseller hosting are basically the same thing as each other right? Just that reseller hosting gives you a control panel for each site hosted (assuming you create a new account for each site you want to host) and that under reseller hosting you’ll be able to create single accounts that can host multiple sites. I know people with 30+ sites in a single shared hosting account, it really does depend on the sites and the hosting account/company in question :slight_smile:


What kind of Cloud hosting do you consider to use? If it is a Cloud VPS it is almost the same in terms of server management and payments for software licensing.

Personally, I would go for reseller hosting, and put each domain on a separate end user account. That way, should one of them get suddenly and exceedingly popular, only its corresponding account would be suspended by the host, the others being unaffected. A really small VPS is going to be a waste of money unless you need the extra control it gives you, which you don’t.

I guess your web hosting provider is hinting you that it is right time to change your web hosting account. If that is true try to ask them then what does your web host recommend you.
It couldn’t be you started looking for the new web hosting account being happy on your current one. :wink:

Just like ldcdc I would also choose a reseller web host. Or if you have no problem with hosting each website as an addon domain a shared web hosting account would be perfectly fine.