Suggest good ftp sofware

currently I’m using ws ftp free edition,it can only transfer one file at a I transfer a file,ws ftp disconnected when 50% is completed.I want a sofware can transfer multiple files at the same time,and it can continue transfer the rest when I restart the software :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, CuteFTP and SmartFTP are great (actually probably the best) FTP clients out but I think their downfall is that they aren’t freeware. It would be great if they were free and available for everyone but instead there is a trial period which really hinder’s their popularity I think.

Oh and there is nothing wrong with the regular ol’ browser FTP either I think.

I used to be SmartFTP fan, but now I prefer FileZilla.

Have been using CuteFTP Professional since 2008 and have not had issues with it’s use, I’d recommend this as a good FTP program, though, if you are seeking something slightly cheaper or free then Filezilla is a good alternative :smiley:

I’m using filezilla to… It’s good for a free software… You also can try cuteftp…

I would vote for CuteFTP. Used it for years. It has a very good editor to edit files on the server. Very good interface.

Filezilla seems to get the best review, I actually might try it out tonight.

I was a big Filezilla advocate until I recently found transmit for mac. The latter is $34 (give or take a few) but the speed is so much faster than FileZilla that I thought something was wrong when I first started with it.

I prefer to CutefTP,but if you want to exchange data from one site to another,you can also consider of Flashfxp.

Filezilla is what I use. For those using both Windows and Linux it’s good that they can use the same program.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Filezilla is awesome!

Especially if you have multiple sites and make use of its Site Manager feature.


I’ve used CutefTP for years :slight_smile:

We’ve been using CuteFTP for years and love it.

We’re using Filezilla… It’s great :slight_smile:

I am using a Macbook Pro that has OS X and I use FileZilla without issue. I have been using it for the past 10 months and it is fairly basic as an FTP. The GUI isn’t as pretty but it handles the job just fine.

I too use FileZilla … It’s superb…

I have used Bitvise Tunnelier for a long time, it’s very reliable, FREE and has a better interface than FileZilla.

Another vote here for Transmit if you are on a Mac. Quite awesome, and a very beautiful, intuitive interface.

Total comander

I suppose they are 2 bet ones.

some large files take me 2 hours or more to upload them.I want faster speed

That is most likely an issue you need to discuss with your ISP, rather than something that can be solved with a switch to a different FTP software. Upload speed tends to be quite a bit lower than download speed at most ISPs. It’s just the way things are.