A FTP software

What is a good free FTP software for Windows?
Please recommend.

Filezilla / Winscp


To all posters

Don’t simply give the name of software without explaining why you use or like the software. If the OP wanted a list of FTP software he could get that from Google.


I use https://filezilla-project.org/. It’s free, easy to use, and I haven’t had the need to switch so far.

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I believe GRsync is available for Windows, if it is then complete projects can be synchronised in seconds. When synchronising only the modified file parts are zipped before updating! I use Linux and Rsync which is the command line version.

I think a consideration is materializing …

@nimasdj you posted

“free” and “Windows” are clear, but “good” is not. How often do you predict you’ll use the FTP app? How many files at a time? What features are good-to-haves, which must-haves? etc.

The more you provide about your use case the more likely you’ll get useful answers.

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