I wanna buy a laptop

hello all of you .
i wanna buy a laptop so give to me any suggestion …
who is best .

  • What do you want to do with it
  • what budget do you have
  • did you look for yourself ?
  • What OS are you looking for ?
  • Is colour coordination possibly your main priority? :sunglasses:


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With several thousand members on the forum, you could end up with dozens of recommendations for “best”. Truth is, there is no “best” for everything, just what best suits your requirements, so without saying what you want your laptop for, no one can give you any useful suggestions…


jup and then you still have people who recommend the most expensive or the least expensive because “random reason”.

That’s why it is useful to know budget and where it should be used for.
Also we can check if the color matches his/her specification :joy:

No without being funny we can give at least a little bit of a direction from something what we would choose but also keep track of what the limits/specifications are.

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Thank you all for suggestion
my requirements-
Operating System - Windows 10 Home or Pro
Processor Type - Core i7 Processor
Memory- 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive -500 GB or higher
Warranty 4 year parts and labor

Ok, but what display type (touch, IPS, brightness for outdoor, view angles, etc) and size do you have in mind. That also affects the keyboard, do you need an onboard number pad?

The screen is the most important part I think, then comes the keyboard. HDD and RAM can easily be upgraded and Win10 too with a suitable Linux dist. But the screen and keyboard you are stuck with.

better question what do you want to do with the laptop ?

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Try [color=red]this link[/color] which enables you to select numerous options

I totally agree with it. I am using HP laptop 15-ac125tu which suits my requirement and is a good one but it depends upon what are you looking for.

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manly personal use such play games and some time use for office.

Well, if you’re playing games then you want lots of RAM and a great video card.

But the 4 year warranty that you want is going to limit you quite a bit. Most companies I know (HP as an example) offer 1 year + 1 year if you pay a little bit extra.

4 years is a killer because the computer will be “ancient” by then, more if it is a laptop which get obsolete before a desktop.

I have bought my last few machines from a company which builds to order, and they offer three levels of warranty (none of which extends to four years).

There’s no point in me giving you the company if you’re not in the UK, but It might be worth your while looking for a similar company, as they are likely to be more flexible.

u should purchase a good quality like lenovo and dell

For playing games the laptop configuration you gave will do fine to some extent but for office use this will do awesome.

if you are a serious gamer then you should consider a gaming desktop or gaming laptop.

I would suggest Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Also take a look @ this :

Why are you suggesting those? As far as I can see, neither has the specifications @Jean_R_Devine says she requires, so why do you think they would meet her needs?

I’m not thinking that it would meet her needs, infact I’m just suggesting. :wink:

All-in-all then, not a very helpful suggestion, given that the OP has specific requirements.

Thank you all for suggestion …
But now i wanna also buy a printer with laptop. so all members give to me any suggestion about both.