Suddenly not come any visitors from google, What`s the problem?

I have creat a blog for android application. I have done some seo for my blog and i have got lot of visitors from the google, but unfortunately suddenly not come any visitors from google, Whats the problem? i have no illegal and copyright content in my blog. I havent understand, would you kinly help me about this problem

Have you searched Google yourself to see if your website comes up in the list?

If you try visiting your website with firefox and you have a virus/malware you should get a warning - I think this is linked to Google somehow.

Google did some updates last week and a couple of websites keyword rankings dropped drastically. Please check with your awstats and compare the rankings with previous one. Keep working on build quality backlinks for your website and wait for some days. Your website may get back to same rankings or may be better than previous one.

i have tested There are no any virus/malware in my blog site, but visitors suddenly stop from google, i will try to come back google visitors again. thx for your reply

maybe Google something update recently so that my visitors suddenly stop from google, i have try to findout the problem, thx for your reply, it will helpfull for me.

Do you have Google Webmaster Tools’ script installed on your website? This will give you insights on how your site is performing on Google search and problems that Google bots encounter when they try to crawl and index your website.

Please describe what kind of use you did? It can happen that you built too many low quality links that affected your rankings because they got detected by Google.

Did you build any cheap profile links or blog comment links?

Same problem which am facing, all keywords ranking go very down out of 500 and no traffics from Google search.
Still waiting google update info, if you have any idea please do share here.

Google has made an update some few weeks back.It has resulted in the keywords going back in the SERP.Many websites have lost traffic due to this update.I think it will change in the upcoming days.Make sure you check the position of your keywords for the blog.