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As per Google analytic my WordPress website’s visitors reduced suddenly. Website had around 150-225 visitors per day but from past one week it has only 0-1 visitors. I don’t know how is it possible. <snip/>
Can anybody suggest me the issue?

May be you are penalized by any Google algo like Panda or Penguin. Please check the date when suddenly drop of visitors and also check the dates of Google Panda and Penguin updates. I think you find the reason why this occur.

Did you use any spammy link building software or tactics?

@Shelly @kazone
I have found the issue… By mistake I deleted WP plugin which was tracking visitors. Now I have installed that again and everything is okay…

Make sure to track your site by Google Analytics rather than logcal plugins.

All the Best!

Thanks everyone

The OP has solved the problem.

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