Why so low traffic from Google?

A friend of mine have a cooking portal in a local language. The problem is that Google traffic droped from 1000 to 100 per day. They are working hard on content and it has about 450.000 indexed pages. Not completely all, but most of recipes and articles are absolute unique.

I checked his site and I didn’t find what could be the reason for this drop. I would really preciate if anybody can take a short look and tell your opinion what could cause this. The site is http://www.qulinarica.com/

Thank you!

I can’t open it- too slow- I checked the view source and what I saw was a load of inline js (it only opened partially). So that must be the issue it can’t be opened so google is not going to index it

that is weird, probably you just hit the moment. I also thought about javascript, but the thing is that it was also before traffic drop and all content is displayed properly without js.

About the speed Google diagnosis shows that is not the problem:

Maybe all the arabs are outside protesting and not interested in cooking? Check your SERPs

:)) This is a different site, not mine. A site in my signature has nothing to do with the site in this topic (Qlinarica).

OK well check the serps for your keywords then and google analytics

Maybe Google deemed your site as a content farm? Where are all the article’s coming from, Demand Media? Check the analytic’s see if the old search terms that got a lot of traffic are still coming up this week.

I don’t believe because most of the articles are unique. They have employee who is writing articles and recipes. They also have some partners who gave them content from offline media. This content haven’t been published on web jet. And also they have users who are writing articles. This is why it is so weird why the site with so good content is loosing traffic from Google. Something must be very wrong, but what?

OK well check the serps for your keywords then and google analytics

What was the result?! The answer will be there- at least it will tell you where you lost your visitors from. Did you move down the serps for your keywords? From page one to page 3? The Google gods are quick to find and punish in my opinion if they find you have been messing around.

The other thing that I can think of is maybe the site isn’t optimized for google instant, maybe you have the keywords the wrong way around- people get results when they type in a few letters in google instant which means that old strategies can falter


I have gone through the given website and it takes more time to load, so it might be possible that its also one the reason for decreasing traffic on website. The back links also very less and all the pages are not indexed yet so it might be also an reason for your problem. As per my view you need to for an SEO services, it will surely help you to increase traffic, quality visitors, back links etc.

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No you thinking wrong… this reason is keyword trend… You needs your keywords trend at Google Insight Search & Google Trends.

seoinnoexcel he may have a point about loading times because google do take this into account as referenced by one of Matt Cutt’s posts about a year ago if I remember correctly (it is one of the many things they look at). But yeah the point is check your serps and analytics for your site if should be easy to find out where the drop off happened, on what pages

yes Bayliss Trevor you are saying true, I am agree with you…
I am getting more direct traffic at [snippity snip] traffic but organic traffic is low.

Optimization of well station

I think you should check the content again if it is not copied or anything…

Sometimes improper keywords selection and their inadequate density in the article becomes the reason for bad results. Better you check the keywords and if possible write a fresh meta tag specially focus on home page and replace old keywords with new one. Usually 2 to 3 % of keyword density is acceptable per page. I hope it will help.

About the site : http://www.qulinarica.com/
Short Comings :
Your website is too slow! Slow load time is one of the biggest complaints of web users.
Readability is very high ie., the approximate level of education necessary to understand content on your website (it should be easily readable.)
Your website does not provide a feed.
No social media backlink
Very less directory submissions
Your website’s ratio of text to HTML code is very low.
Problem with relevant keyword trend

Hey not to worry once your site get higher rank in search engine. Just do one thing check it traffic in refer month you have checked the traffic. It could be check on Google insight.


You may check with SERP and you can also try changing/adding some keywords which would optimize your site and fetch more traffic.

Sometimes sudden drop is due too many links on sites with low page authority, some back links pointing to your site are banned, or simply there are not more people querying for the keyword you are using.