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I use Laragon with WordPress to develop locally and then move my websites to Bluehost. I wanted to have a Subscribe button on a blog page so people can get notified of new blog posts.

Is there a free option I can use to have such subscribe button on my blog page so people can subscribe and automatically get notified via email of my new blog content?

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There are different ways to tackle this but here are a couple of approaches you can check out to show you how this can be accomplished…

There are also plugins you can install that can help with this. Here is one that you might want to check out…

Of course there are many more that you can find in the Wordpress plugin repository that may also suit your needs. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the links. Which option would you recommend as a free option and considering I want to have a subscribe by email form on a blog page when a person can enter email and hit subscribe button? I mean a person would receive automatic email with new blog post content every time there is a new post

Well I manage my email subscription list with a simple Mailchimp RSS email blast (once a month Mailchimp will check out my website’s RSS feed, determine if there are new articles, then blast them out to my email subscribers). This can all be setup via mailchimp. The account is free to a limit (as with mailpoet) and when you finally reach a larger list (mailpoet is free up to 1000 subscribers) you can then decide to pay or change solutions.

But I will say, as with anything that really works, don’t be afraid to pay a little if it gets you what you want. A subscriber list can become very powerful and profitable and will easily pay for itself if done correctly. You might be just sending notifications of new blog posts now, but if the list grows you can then think about sending them offers to purchase etc.

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I understand. The website where I need this subscribe button is for my friend who would prefer to have a completely free option. Can you recommend a more or less realiable option from the links you shared?
I did look into MailChimp before and figured I wouldn’t be able to remove Mailchimp logo as you have to be on a paid plan for that.

This HubSpot solution looks like it allows to produce such button however I am not sure. I will try. I am also developing on Laragon so need to make sure everything works before I move WP site to Bluehost or other cheap host.

Actually Hubspot is not an option for me as when I come to the step where I need to create an RSS based email for external blog it prompts me to upgrade.