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I’m trying to get a newsletter to go out every Monday with last week’s blog posts to my subscribers. I have a MailChimp account that I use that is doing that. However, my subscribers still receive an email every single time I publish a post on the blog. I really want it so they just receive the one email every week! Any advice? I’ve talked to MailChimp and they said that has to do with wordpress - not sure how to change it through the settings. I’ve done so much research and I haven’t gotten anything.

So for example - someone sees the “Subscribe to the blog” form and when they put their email address in it counts as a subscriber to the blog, but they ONLY receive my MailChimp newsletter once a week - which takes from my blog to show all the blog posts. Does that make sense?

Thank you!

What plugin are you using to integrate with Mail Chimp? That might help isolate it. There are usually settings that you can set as to when the plugin will notify MailChimp. If yours doesn’t then you might try another one. See this article.

I don’t actually have a plugin! That is probably the one thing I’m missing. I will try out one of those from that article - thank you SO MUCH!!

It could be a setting in MailChimp on their website.

I went on your site. I currently use Mail Chimp, which I really appreciate. I was ready to test your service,

I think I need to mess around with the plugins more. MailChimp is great but they can only do so much on their side and I think it is more on Wordpress’ side of things.

I actually really think it is the plugin - I just gotta find the right one for it! I think I’ve figured out everything with MailChimp and have the settings correct there. So it has gotta be Wordpress. Thank you :slight_smile:

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