Subscribe to Blog functionality

Hi all

How can I easily add a ‘subscribe to blog’ functionality to my blog? Ive got a CampaignMonitor account and Ive followed the instructions on Campaign Monitor, but gt to the end and it turns out I have to pay every time it sends out the emails!

Is there a free/easier way to do this? Maybe a plugin?

Well, there are a lot of plugins

Take note however that you will want to be careful about what is sending out the emails. Giving particular attention to frequency and volume.

If you send from your site host you risk running into problems exceeding limits.

There are some email service providers that have free tiers. There are still limits, but they will likely be more generous than your site host

If you are going to send emails in higher frequency / volume, or if you want additional stats (eg. bounce score, open rates) then going with a paid email service is the way to go. Whether or not you consider their rates to be reasonable is up to you. Shop around.

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