Google News on my blog

Google sends me an email whenever my business is written about in the news. How do I automatically post a link to the listing on my blog?

Are you using something like Google Alerts? If so you can get your alerts via an RSS feed. There are plugins available for WordPress (I’m assuming this is what you are using) that will post new things from the RSS feed to your blog. One plugin I use is FeedWordPress (search for from your plugins page in WordPress).

You could also check out something like I think they also have a feature to post to blogs from an RSS feed.

Yes, I am using Google Alerts on a Joomla site. They have a self contained Newsfeed layout that took the feed and is showing it!

Here is a link:
The Jazz Bakery “Movable Feast”

Sounds like you have a great business model for your website. This strategy should lead to plenty of page views.

Thank you for your encouragement!

Here is my update…

I found a joomla extension called myRss. It works much better than the built-in news feed component. I was able to create a news feed from the google news search. The artistic director loved the idea of including the news, just not all of it.

She wanted a way to delete (or at least not include) some articles that didn’t match our editorial standards. I looked at a php frame work called “magpie” that converts news-feeds into arrays that I would feed into a db that would create articles that could be edited in joomla and then published to the front end. Too much coding for the budget.

I am experimenting with running the feed through google reader where the artistic director could “share” an article that is made into a new rss, that myRSS would follow on my site.

I am willing to hear other Ideas and suggestions for rss aggregators that work better than google reader.

would this not be a form of content scraping?

It’s depend on your post, and news feed dynamically change according to your post

yes this is content scraping. also you are unaware about the content if anyone write wrong about you then it will post on your blog so be aware of these plugins.


Exactly. I think you’re better off using something like FeedWordPress and adding the posts to your Drafts, so you can preview them before they’re live. Just in case a competitor wants to hurt you easily, they would have a bad time :slight_smile:

I too use Google news on my blogs and it really helpful in either case.Thats good that you are using self contained news feed lay outing Google alert in joomla.

Nice to go through the conversation. Thanks guy for putting some light into the topic.