Style Changes On The Forums

As promised, we’ve been working behind the scenes since the recent vBulletin upgrade to try and clean up some of the things that were annoying you. The biggest of those were the horrible fixed width, glaring whiteness, lack of colour and a few other aesthetic things. Thanks to forum mentor TimIgoe we now have an updated template which is a HUGE improvement. I’m sure you’ll all agree that things are looking a whole lot nicer around this place.

Unfortunately in implementing the new template, we lost a few of the fixes that we’d done prior, so those will be reimplemented ASAP.

We still have more tweaks to make and some accessibility issues to address, but I hope that in the mean time this new look will go some way to making this place more pleasant to hang around.

much better now :tup:

Just to follow this up, I know about some of the things that aren’t quite right and am getting them resolved :slight_smile:

Wow, not been around here for a while, the place is looking nice!!!

Thanks datamonkey :slight_smile:

Good to see things changing and improving for the better around here, looking good!

Hi. I have recently registered on this web site. And, actually I don’t know what was here before. But looking to the updated template of the site I can tell you for sure that it looks really great! I like colors combination and the design of this site. Thanks to Timgloe. I think I will stay here for a long time))

Thanks for the feedback, lvalentin. That’s nice to hear. :slight_smile:

Sweet! We have even more changes up our sleeve so stay posted…