Forums updated!

The forum upgrade is complete - welcome to vBulletin 3.8.5.

If you notice anything amiss, please notify myself, Hawk or any member of the moderation and admin team as soon as possible and we’ll investigate.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

You’re my hero, Andy.

Not sure if this a change between one version and the other or something that already happened and I didn’t notice before but…

I went to my pm folder to look for a pm I sent to several members. I wanted to copy the addresses so I didn’t have to type them again.

I copy them and paste them in my new pm but when I was to send the pm I got a message “address not recognized”.

I was a bit surprised and then I realize that the addresses where separated with commas when normally you need to use semicolon. I had to change it manually. No big deal but a bit annoying :frowning:

Good job, that image of Kevin looking at his watch impatiently was funny. :slight_smile:

Not a new thing, that’s always been the case (unfortunately).

Last night there were new icons for everything, and they were virtually unusable. That seems to have been corrected now, though.

But the new layout of the Social Groups page is bad! It’s impossible to see if there’s been any new posts in groups to which you belong. (Or is it just me that’s stupid?)

awww I missed that! Do you have a screenshot to share?

@Tommy the whole thingof social groups is being discussed!

There seems to be a small issue of having to log in each time you visit, seems like a small bug :slight_smile:

Wont they be dropping the support for version 3 before to long so you would then have to upgrade to version 4 like alot of other forums ???

Yep!! Same here I’ve just noticed it!
It has to do with sessions settings if I remember correctly how I once solved this issue on some of my old forums!

When going to the advanced reply page, the drop down list with code tags is empty.

No I do not I should have been more forward thinking and taken a screen shot.

Yes I was just about to mention this. :slight_smile:

This is not related to the upgrade. This has been an issue for awhile. Why does it take so long to report a post? I imagine this is a deterrent for people wanting to report them. It takes a good minute to load the next page. This can’t be just me. The rest of the pages load much quicker. Then after you report one post, and find another spam/fluff post it tells you you have to wait like 60 seconds or something before you can do the admins another favor and report more spam. This is a huge deterrent for me. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had a problem with the report form page loading in slow. But I have seen the “must wait” flood control screen a few times.

re the screen capture. I actually thought about it but changed my mind. Too late now. Next time though, next time. :shifty:

I’d be interested to hear your take on this.

Try this: Clear cookies, shut down browser, log in again. That should do it (it’s what I’ve done, and so far I’m not being asked to log in again).

Let me know if it doesn’t though. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what happens then, that’s a decision above my pay grade. :stuck_out_tongue:
The upgrade path from 3.* to 4.* is pretty nasty, it’s not at all a smooth transition. We’ll definitely let you know when a decision is made one way or the other though!

I spent most of yesterday trying to sort this one out (unsuccessfully, so far). There’s a DOM node missing somewhere, but I’ve yet to work out why it isn’t being rendered or where it’s created in code.

I’ll keep you posted!

Just a small and expected bug… the main websites comment forms don’t acknowledge being signed in since the forum upgrade :slight_smile:

What made you expect it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically it seems like auto-logins aren’t working; you can manually log in to the other SitePoint properties (articles, blogs, reference, marketplace) but logging into the forums doesn’t log you into these automagically.

I’m looking into this one, will keep you posted.