Some More Forum Changes

You’ll notice a new ‘Home’ link in the orange nav bar. That link takes you to the new Featured Threads homepage, and the ‘Forum’ link now takes you to the original vBulletin homepage (for those of you that missed it).

I believe the cropped images/lines issue has also been fixed.

Thanks again to @TimIgoe; for all his hard work.

Great work, Sarah. Having both pages is really handy. Well done to all involved. :slight_smile:

EDIT: @HAWK; one minor bug, though: when you are in the What’s New section (and a few other places), the Home link still has the “selected” class on it, making it orange. Should be a simple fix.

Yay, I can now navigate in a useful manner again.

There is an erroneous –> from a rogue –> on the SPF home page.

Awesome, thank you :).

Was the issue of mobile users having overlapping menu bars fixed?

Thanks for your and TimIgoe’s work on this. For such an undertaking it for the most part has gone very smooth. Great job!

Yeah thanks a lot for workin’ on it! I love having the old forum page!


This should be resolved, a rogue template didn’t get updated properly :slight_smile:


The sidebar is showing through.

What page is that?

Just the main forum page:


Interesting - is that in a specific browser / on a phone? The window looks small for a start :slight_smile:

It’s doing that in FF on my 17" desktop monitor, but only on Community Centre and Content. Other sections are fine. (Haven’t checked other browsers.)

Update - I’ve tried it on Chromium and Epiphany (both Webkit) and Firefox on Windows and it happens on all of them. Could it be the remains of the old “Most recent posts” and “Most recent threads” sections? They’re certainly active links to something. In most cases, all I could get was the user-profile, because the only visible part was the avatar, but on one occasion I managed to get a link to an actual post.

I think I’m seeing it because, since the latest upgrade, I’ve increased the font-size for the forum to make it legible. If I view it at “normal” size, the extra text is not visible, although there is an edge of an avatar showing, if I look hard enough.

Since the upgrade, with my font size increased slightly, I’ve found the “Unanswered threads” link is hidden behind the search box. (As I don’t use it, it doesn’t affect me.) I’m currently using a friend’s computer with a smaller screen (15") than mine, and the “Unanswered threads” link is wrapping onto the next line, covering part of the breadcrumb navigation and rendering it unusable. As I do use that quite a lot, it’s a real pain in the bahookey. :slight_smile: (If I can’t use the breadcrumbs to return to the forum menu, then the forum doesn’t get marked as read and I have to return to it again just to sort that out, etc.:()


I think I fixed this using a custom stylesheet. I know that this thread is about more permanent fixes; however for now you can do this and it cleaned this issue up for me:

body { 
  line-height: 1.25 !important; 
.globalsearch {
  margin: 40px 0 20px 0 !important;	
.prev_next, .first_last {
  margin: 1px 0 0 0 !important;	

Right, it looks like its an issue relating to using the site in a small window / screen size - I’ll see what can be done to reduce the issue there :slight_smile:

Oddly enough, I’ve managed to “solve” the problem (for myself) by enabling my friend’s wireless connection and using my own laptop. :slight_smile: I’m sure my laptop and her monitor have the same resolution (1024x768px), but there’s no problem on my laptop. Weird. (:

I found a bug. If you click on the handle to the left of the forum index to bring out the sidebar, it does nothing. It’s linking to '#".

Not quite sure what you are clicking on there?