Stumble upon

I noticed an earlier post talking about how great stumble upon is…is anyone out there still using this and why would people take the time to go this route instead of the conventional search engine route?

Because it’s not an either/or situation.

i didnt get you

I hate Stumble since it doesn’t allow “hubpage” submissions.

What are you trying to achieve? We use several social bookmarking sites, but it certainly doesn’t replace other strategies.

Yes, it is good to drive some traffic to your site. But you must be consistent. Also somethings are changing with many of these social sites because they now are nofollow.

Only few traffic for me.

Why would you use it “instead of” other methods of improving your websites visibility? You can use it alongside traditional SEO, it’s not like you only have a choice of one or the other. Using social networks is great for getting customer interaction, and SEO is good for improving your overall visibility (if done right) :slight_smile:

it is connecting your friends with you it’s a well known social bookmarking site

Using StumbleUpon randomly, however it tends to grow more and more…

I have had my best bookmarking results with Stumbleupon.
Submitting to Digg gives me no traffic at all

i hate stumble upon but i love digg

I have had my best bookmarking results with Digg.

Stumbleupon is good because if you can struggle then you can get the result in few days.
And for search engins you have to wait for months.

SU is good tools to search within your own Favorites and within your network but you can’t ignore the traditional search engine for varieties of results.

I also like StumbleUpon and installed its addons on my Firefox. It is very useful!

Stumble upon is the very good portal which providing ample traffic to my site.