Stumble Upon is a Good social media?

Hi every one, Can you explain Stumble upon is Good social media or not?

Personally speaking, it is not very good, i haven’t used it for a long time.

I like StumbleUpon, while it may not be the ideal platform for self promotion (if you don’t know what your doing) as a service it has a really useful function and has helped me discover some excellent resources which I would have never found otherwise, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with it? :slight_smile:

Yeah it is good. You just need to gain your friends. Then, if you want to share your favorite site.You can share it to them by just clicking the share options. I’m getting a good traffic with it. For additional information you can search some tips about handling your stumbleupon.

i think this is one of the best social site and you can get handy traffic

Yes it’s good. We get good traffic from stumble upon

I’ve also seen good traffic via stumbledupon

yes, you are right, you can get a lot of traffic through stumble

yeah. Stumble upon is good one. It is providing nearly 50-60 visitors to my site.

Never limit your self on all the possible way to attain additional traffic whether you get just a small percent from it, its still good in my opinion.

yeah you are right but i gain hundreds of traffic daily through stumble and digg

Stumble Upon is good for drive traffic on website.

Yes…stumbleupon help me increase traffic

i find StumbleUpon really useful to gain traffic and exposure

Yes, stumble upon is great. Great traffic generator, great place to find new web sites based on things you like and definitely addictive.

Stumble upon is fun and I have seen great and interesting sites, images and videos from it through the friends that I have made. It is a nice community and it is fun to share sites to others as well… here is a nice read about them.

For better conversion tru social networking

i find it to be more of a fun thing for me, wont hurt to post your sites to it though.

Can you differentiate between mix and Stumble upon.Which one is better?

stumble upon is very good website to drive the traffic on website.

I really like StumbleUpon its so easy to use.