Dofollow? - Digg, Stumbleupon etc?

Hi all,

Are sites like Digg and Stumbleupon dofollow? I created a Digg about a Squidoo lens 27 days ago now and it’s not showing up in any backlink check. Likewise, Stumbleupon is not showing up as a backlink to any of my sites - I added sites to Stumbleupon a couple of weeks ago.

Also, is there any advantage in SEO terms if you get lots of people to add your site to Stumbleupon or to Digg your site - say if 100 people all Digg or Stumbleupon your site then does this give Google 100 additional backlinks for Digg and 100 additional backlinks for Stumbleupon or does it just mean that your site appears higher up in the Digg and Stumbleupon index?

Would appreciate any thoughts.

to see if a link is dofollow, view the source of the page and then do a search to find your url. nearby it will say if the link is dofollow, nofollow etc

no follow links still have value in googles eyes, as links to your site show popularity, you just dont get the link juice though.

I dont believe stumbleupon is a link but i could be wrong.
Being dugg does not add links. If you are highly dugg a lot of people will see it and hopefully those people will link to you in some way

Stumbleupon is noffolow.

The easiest way which i also use to check whether a site is a dofollow/nodofollow is to install the firefox addon “NoDoFollow” in your firefox. After installation, right click on the page you want to check for DoFollow and checkmark NoDoFollow. Highlighted in RED color and NoDoFollow and Highlighted in Blue Color are DoFollow. Hope its useful to u. Currently I m using this to check

simple007 - many thanks for this tip. I’ve just installed it - it would have saved me time if I’d done so before.

Another useful addon is SEO for FireFox. It highlights nofollow links :slight_smile:

I think there is one thing you forgot to do, those are social bookmarking sites right? So, “sites” are digg and stumbleupon, “bookmarking” should mean your bookmarks, and “social” means you socialize… You had the sites, you did the bookmarks, now it’s time for you to socialize (make friends, do constructive commentaries and etc… You are not alone there)…

The more diggs and stumbles for your content, the higher it would come up (displayed) when someone visits digg and stumbleupon… It’s like a search engine, to get to the first page, you need to make your links popular, you need to get backlinks (in the case of social sites, those are diggs and stumbles for example)… To get your contents on digg and stumbleupon’s homepage, it needs diggs and stumbles… :slight_smile:

I created a Digg about a Squidoo lens 27 days ago now and it’s not showing up in any backlink check

You have to create links to your squidoo lenses somewhere for them to get noticed. They aren’t initially promoted on the site anywhere except for search results (on Squidoo) and your lensmaster page.

Some ways around that are joining squidoo groups, making a “review my lens” post somewhere on a forum like this, or even posting on the SquidU forums - a link to your lensmaster page is included with every one there, though the link boost doesn’t last long. I’ve got a minipage <snip/> that I include as my signature on some boards that funnels a tiny bit of linkage to the lenses - you might want to try something like that.

Submitting site to Digg really make sence

Here is a huge list of DoFollow Blogs.

The more diggs and stumbles for your content, the higher it would come up (displayed) when someone visits digg and stumbleupon…

I understand that part - my question was: does Digg provide backlinks for SEO purposes and - if so - how long do they take to show up? Neither Digg nor any of the other social bookmarking sites I’ve tried (eg Furl Mylinkvault) have so far shown up in any backlist checks.

NB thanks to the tip mentionned by simple007, I’ve now realised that Stumbleupon doesn’t provide any useful dofollow backlinks.

Well this is best idea … i just install it and believe me its amazing

I check through the seo book toolbar it has an icon that shows no follow links. It’s really simple to use click on that icon and the links which are no follow get highlighted with red colour…

Whether a link is dofollow or not, it still has value, and is still a good way to go to build popularity. It seems like there are less and less dofollow sites these days though.

Digg was nofollow. After they updated though, they use funky redirects that alleviates the need for nofollow. Now, you don’t even actually get a real link at all.

its not a issue whether they are no follow or do follow. they are very beneficial and give results. digg is no follow but its a very good social network to promote your website.

Yes! stumble upon is no follow, like wise, Technorati is also no follow these sites can bring traffic for you but no back-link.

Nice post. Though nofollow, stumbleupon is a nice social media site like digg.

Submitting to digg is useful to me .I have 300 followers when i post any link to it , it goes to all the followers. through this i get traffic to my site.

Thanks for sharing so much information regarding nofollow and dofollow , i install that addon and trust me it really amazing with the result