Star Rating System Listing

I wanted to know if anyone has had success or knows how to ensure that you have your star rating system listed in google as an example see amazon here

Anyone know?

There is one right here on Sitepoint:

So using that will get the stars listed in Google?

I have a star rating system on a few sites but no stars show up in google


I doubt anyone outside of Google could tell you exactly what triggers that sort of thing, most likely something to do with domain trust and the such much like sub-menus appearing in your SERP listing.

thats what i thought but i’ve seen some failry new sites with a ranking listed… wondered if thye had some standard that bots checked for

ok thank you

You could try this stuff out as well

Also wondered the same about personal comments.

If you google (hopefully) ‘state of mind photography’ on the listing yu can see a detils writeup about the site. I remember doing this some time ago, but can;t do it on any other of my sites. No star ratings tho…

Thanks …it helped…