How to Add review and rating on SERP?

I am Soniya I want to show the review rating star in SERP in HTML website for effective SEO.
Also suggest some other techniques to make my google ranking better.

Thank you.

Fair warning: Never done this myself.

Google Tells me: (Please note the warnings there about making sure your site maintains the guideline requirements.)

Couple years old, but this seems like a decent guide to putting the necessary code together

As far as ‘other techniques’, feel free to push the “Marketing” link at the top of the thread or the search magnifying glass in the top right and look at any of the 5000 other threads where people have asked about raising google ranking.

I’m also looking to know the best way to get answer of this question as I also wanna add review on SERP but there is also option to review on Google Business listing.

I have seen some review on Google Business listing.

Is there a way to add rating on SERPs? That will just be there for things like Google my business or through Google maps for businesses like hotels and stuff. I guess some websites can add a feature for rating (not sure if this is what your doubt is, sorry).

It’s not clear to me whether the question is about showing reviews on a website in search results for that website, or about showing Google reviews of a business in search results for that business.

If it’s the former, then I think @m_hutley’s reply covers that. If the latter, then as far as I know it’s simply a case of signing up to Google My Business. If your business attracts reviews, then Google may use them in the search results.

Bing will also show ratings from TripAdvisor,, Facebook and (I think) Yelp with a listing, where available.

Whether these reviews have any effect on SEO, I don’t know, but I imagine good reviews improve click-through rate, if nothing else.

use snippets schema for rating and reviews on SERPS.

In short, you will need a code that will generate the aggregated rating of your reviews displayed on your web page.

As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in continuing to offer solutions.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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