How do I get rid of Google star reviews in my listing

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My problem is illustrated in the above link but here goes… Ok after banging my head up against the proverbial brick wall how do you get rid off Google star reviews for a site? And what is the reason this website Keoghs Solicitors for example does not have any Google stars?

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My understanding is that you need to insert micro data into your site in order for the star rating and the reviews to show up. In other words, the reviews and ratings only appear if you have taken explicit action to make that happen. In this case, presumably Langley has the micro data but Keoghs Solicitors does not.

If that’s right, the solution to your problem is to remove the micro data (which is also known as rich snippets or microformats). Of course, doing so will also remove any positive reviews the business has earned.

For more information about micro data, see


I suspect that information is coming from a Google+ page. I have a site which shows similar results (although without the reviews, because so far it’s received none) and it’s never had any micro data inserted. The results in the box are all from the Google+ page.


The rich snippets and microdata refer to when a website offers reviews of products/services (like TripAdvisor or IMDB) and that star rating shows up in the search results. The stars tend to give a better CTR on the search results.

In this case, as TechnoBear noted - the reviews are coming from the company’s Google+ page - if you want to get rid of those stars then remove the reviews option from the Google+ page.

If you don’t have micro data on your site, it could be coming from a google+ page like technobear mentioned.

The way I understand that is you can find the reviews through google+ as well as the people that gave reviews.

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