In the last 30 mins I’ve received no less than 5 PM’s all with the same exact copy/pasted spam


I am giving-away a FREE PR7 backlink for your website :


The above webpage is PR7 and you can post your backlinks there as “comment” - just read the above blog carefully and then write

a relevant “comment” with your backlink in it and then post it - the “comment” is said to be moderated, but there is no moderation

at all and your “comment” will be published with 100% guarantee.

I will also give you FREE 2 x PR8 backlinks for your website :

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To get the 2 x PR8 backlinks, all you have to do is to complete a FREE survey and after you complete the FREE survey, then you will

be re-directed to the webpage, where I have given you the URLs of 2 x PR8 pages, where you can post your backlinks with "anchor



[There name goes here]

I’ve got 2 as well.

Christine005 and susan510 are one of the same… I replied to [URL=“”]Christine005 and susan replied to it with the same copy/pasted msg but with “Susan” for the name.

received 2 more

I’ve notified the staff, if you find other names posting the PM spam message, please link to it here so it can be investigated and the individual dealt with, thanks! :slight_smile:

If you receieve a spam PM, forward it to an Advisor or Team Leader, with a messages subject something like “spam report”. I wish that there could be a report PM button.

We’re trying to catch these guys but please just forward the PM to green or blue badge holders so we can take immediate action.