PM Spam - again

This weekend we have fallen victim to a PM spam attack which many of you will have been affected by.

There is no need to report messages.

We apologise for the inconvenience and are currently working on blocking the spammers.

Eh… have fun! :frowning:

Sorry guys, they’re back.
We’re working on it… again.

PM spam isn’t so bad. The messages make me feel loved.

There is such a thing as too much love… but I like your attitude.

^ The thread about Spam gets spammed! :slight_smile:

Edit: Already deleted. Spam doesn’t pay.

What? :wink:

I’m sorry guys, I’ll stop sending the PM’s now. I just really thought some of you would appreciate the generous pricing on that Viagra.

The Pm spam about a Viagra? Is that for serious?

Is there any way for us users to blacklist individual spammers from the ability to send pm’s to us?

Well there is no way to know what username spammers will use so unless you manually block a username from pming you (though you wouldn’t know they are spammers until it’s too late ;)) then there isn’t a way.

What I mean is, if you block spammers PMs, it will be too late, they will be banned.

So my concluding statement is just report it to moderators/admins and let them take care of the grunt work.

A “report this message”-button would be really great, like it’s in the forums with each post.
I’m not sure but I think I’ve seen such a button on some forums already…
If you even want to take it a step further (automatically) disallow sending PMs when X users reported a user as spammer.

You really need to start taking some more effort in your postings,

Many SP members have complained regarding the quality of posts, therefore, warnings will be issues to those that follow this path of non-quality posting.

I’d be warned if I were you.

Warn yourself,


I have some in my mailbox too. Yaaay for spam. :frowning:

Any admin wanting to check/delete em have at it.

You know, if someone could invent 100% Spam Proof software, he’d me a billionare…that’s a thought~

Well… i can create a spam proof forum.

Just create a forum and don’t let anyone sign up. Completely spam proof.

All jokes aside sg707 yes, they would be rich. I hate spam.

I had my hopes up that I could make $300 to $500 per day flipping blogs… if they ever come up with a spam posting where one can make $300 to $500 a day for flipping BURGERS at a fast-food joint, please let the reader decide whether to visit the site

Heheheh i might subscribe to that one.

Seems like way too much work for a measly $300. TBH.

… and I got that spam msg too, if any admins are interested.

If you get a new one Please forward it to either an Advisor - Green, Team Leader - Blue, or Administrator - Red

This will allow us to quickly get after any new moles as they pop up and whack them before other members get bitten.