Sorry another "What eCommerce platform" question


My grandad has his own business selling fire surrounds and fires. He has no online presence - I was wondering what the best platform would be for myself to use? I know basic XHTML/CSS but have no knowledge of PHP etc.

I can design well in PSD if this matters? (probably not… :p)

He will need to sell around 50 different products. Any free solutions with a large selection of paid premium themes?

Any advise welcome


I have been moving a lot of my sites to Try signing up for a free account and see if what they offer will do the job.

If you want to make your own PSD website design, there are many companies on the web which will charge a small fee to convert the PSD in to functioning XHTML/HTML/CSS web templates for you to use. Or you could get a free or buy a low cost premium website template design to use for your website.

If you don’t have the technical skills to do the store related parts such as PHP/Database etc. you could try using an ecommerce plugin solution to give you an online store and checkout process. This type of solution allows you to copy and paste auto-generated code in to your web page template, things like Add to Cart, Checkout buttons etc. It is a quick way to add professional looking, feature rich interactive store capabilities without having any coding skills or ongoing maintenance of the software.