eCommerce platform

Hi all.

Looking for some help on choosing a platform on which to build my store, it is a online tailors and the most important thing i need is a way for customers to be able to build there own suits/outfits, with a visual representation as they go.

So for example, first they pick a shirt, then be able to customise it (change pocket type, button type, colour ect) with the image updating with the changes.

Is this something that could be feasibly done with an off the shelf platform, or am i going to need a custom made solution?



I would guess you will need a custom site.

You will also have your work cut out generating all the images!

Thanks Rubble

I thought that might be the case.

This site has what i am looking for, i tried to see if they where using a ready made program but i can’t access any of the code (flash based)

i guess you should contact them and ask them for a source. Such kind of code maybe hard to get, or has to be done on your own.

Scripts are available over internet something similar to this, but to introduce some uniqueness you should have some customization on it.

Before choosing an ecommerce platform you need to ask yourself several questions.

  • What CMS or waht language you want your website to be built in?
  • Do you need a hosted solution or you will be using your hosting?
  • How much are you ready to spend? There are platforms with monthly, tranzaction fees, one-time payment or free.
  • What customization options you need and if you need an open source code.

You can choose magento ecommerce platform for such customization. This will be best fit for the example you have shared. Multiple other options like if your customer changes the button type, then the price may differ which will be possible with Magento.

You can try Drupal as one of my friend having a business of handicrafts and he also wants that his visitors customize the things like carpet colour, material would be select by the visitors themselves. Now he got a website and getting good traffic and ranking in SEPRs also as drupal provides website in multi languages and seo friendly too.

Hi Nick,

I think you need an ecommerce platform that do customization in order to meet your requirements.
Try Miidas CMS, they also cater customization.

If you are looking for free eCommerce software, try OpenCart or an eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

If you are looking for an eCommerce software that has a monthly fee, try BigCommerce, Shopify, or Volusion. Hope this helps!

I would also first contact the store owner and ask for reference. if not help, i would check with developers and ask them to evaluate and/or suggest the platform. Each developer has its own preference. or you may go with some freelance site and ask for quote & platform altogether.